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Consumer Reviews of Vermont Castings wood stoves

#18  of 21 brands of wood stoves

66% of customers recommend
4 of 5 stars 6 reviews

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied

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Date created: 2017-05-30 Name: Sandy McLardy
Location: Cape cod

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Encore wood stove"
I purchased my stove 6 months ago. The stove works well. I had to assist the sir damper that the instructions tell you never to touch but all in all its been good. My problem is with the company. They do not want to talk to you or help. I purchased the enamel stove pipe to match my biscuit color and it took 4 months to arrive. Needless to say I made some phone calls and not once did someone give me an update. Lots of promises to call me back. I since learned that they have been bought out by a huge company with a conglomerate of stove companies. I feel they are trading on their past reputation but it's a matter of time before they drive that name into the ground. So I would recommend the encore stove but I would hope that customer has no need for customer support.

Date created: 2017-02-02 Name: tv
Location: waterville, maine

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"wood stove review"
i have owned this unit 17 years and am very happy with it. It is small and takes up the right amount of space. I have never had to repair it. Yes, I have recommended this to friends and family. This stove was a life saver literally with an ice storm that we had. We were out of power and water (we had a well) for 14 days. I remember it like it was yesterday. We used to to cook, heat and to melt snow/ice. I was very thankful and would not be without an alternative heating/cooking source ever. Even if I move i would purchase another wood stove again.

Date created: 2017-01-03 Name: MB
Location: Potsdam NY

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Warm and Clean"
I have owned this unit through two winters and it is great. It burns efficiently and completely, leaving less ash than I have seen in other similar stoves. I have not had to do any sort of repair work aside from routine maintenance. The stove is compact, but not tiny, and blends into my room entirely. I have the blower kit and I think it is totally worth it. I have supplemental electric heat, but only have to use it on the coldest of nights. This stove puts out a lot of heat and circulates it very well. I would definitely buy this brand of stove again, and highly recommend it.

Date created: 2016-11-30 Name: CSP
Location: Cincinnati,Ohio

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"Works well in short spaces."
I enjoy the wood stove very much, it meets the needs of my lifestyle because i like to be somewhat self-sufficient. I have had it for roughly two years now and would purchase another from the same company. The only downfall I have managed to find is the fact that in the room the stove is located it gets extremely warm while the remainder of the house stays cooler but not cold. It would be good for a shotgun style house or a 1 or 2 room cabin. I would recommend this model and company to others.

Date created: 2016-11-07 Name: Maddie D
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Review of Defiant Encore Wood Stove"
We have owned this wood stove for over 18 years, and there has never been a day that it has let us down. It heats our small home in the winter easily so it has saved us loads of money on our electric bill. When the electricity goes out in the winter, we don't have to worry about staying warm. On top of the functional benefits, it adds a wonderful charm to our living room. There is nothing cozier than a fire on a cold, gloomy day. The stove has kept it's color with no dings or scratches. You would have to really try to break this thing to see any real damage. It also has beautiful intricate castings of dragons on each side. This added detail really brings more character into our home. I cannot imagine our home without a wood stove, and this one has been the most reliable and beautiful addition.

Date created: 2016-11-07 Name: KAB
Location: Lapeer, MI

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Love My Wood Stove"
I love my wood stove. I have had my wood stove for a little over one year. I use it as the main source of heat for my house. My propane furnace is now supplemental heating and I am saving a ton of money. The wood stove is a relatively small unit, but it sure pumps out the heat. And I love the color. Bordeaux enamel adds a pop of color to the room. Being environmentally friendly is an added bonus to my wood stove. The stove is made from recycled materials and I am able to use the wood from around my house. So far, the wood stove has not needed any repairs. I cleaned the firebox out in the spring, other than that, no maintenance has been performed. This model was recommended by my neighbor, who also installed it for me. My neighbor has had great success heating his whole house with the wood stove. I would definitely recommend this wood stove to anyone.

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