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Consumer Reviews of United States Stove Company wood stoves

#15  of 20 brands of wood stoves

75% of customers recommend
4 of 5 stars 4 reviews

  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied

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Date created: 2017-02-04 Name: AD
Location: Buffalo

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Cozy and Warm"
I've owned this unit for approximately 6 months, and had it installed when I bought my new home. I grew up with a wood burning stove in my house and this brings back fond memories, but also adds a more contemporary twist to the conventional older stoves. It throws off a generous amount of heat, especially since winters in Buffalo can be so cold. The black matte finish of this stove is very easy to decorate around, seeing as my living room furniture is also black along with my black matte tables. The stove generally makes the house look much more classy and even more comfortable, which I personally love. I have received nothing but compliments in regards to this stove. I have not needed to repair anything yet and installation was a bit challenging but not nearly as difficult as you could imagine. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend, seeing as I am extremely fond of it.

Date created: 2017-01-03 Name: LGS
Location: Dundee, OR

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"A great stove that keeps my husband warm in the garage while he woodworks"
My father gifted us this wood stove 6 months ago, in the middle of Summer 2016. We didn't think we would use it, but once Autumn hit and the cut logs started stacking up, we were grateful to own it. The stove takes log wood. This means you don't have to buy pellets. This can be a great thing when you have plenty of felled wood in the yard. We keep ours in the garage so that my husband doesn't freeze while he works wood. We haven't needed to replace any part. It's cast iron and sturdy. VERY heavy, which for us means quality. If at any point a part needs to be replaced, we know that items may be ordered through the manufacturer. While we didn't purchase this item, we are in the process of purchasing one for the laundry room. They are pretty and functional. There isn't anything I dislike about the stove. Other than dusting, there isn't much cleanup. I considered trying another brand, but this brand works great and I wouldn't buy another brand after owning this one.

Date created: 2016-11-20 Name: Alex K
Location: Fayetteville, OH

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"If you can handle the smell, woodstoves are awesome"
I've owned this unit for a couple of years an really love it. It heats my small house very well and is much cheaper than the electric baseboard heaters that I used before I got it. The only con for me is a subjective one: you can smell it on someone when they have a woodstove just like when someone smokes cigarettes.

Date created: 2016-10-31 Location: Oregon

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

I have had my stove for a little over a year now, and its pretty nice, it heats up the house efficently, while producing a surprising amount of brightness to living room, which is also what I dont like about it. It is loud and not able to be covered as much as I would like. It definitely works properly, and I do not see a repair anytime in the near future, I guess I just wouldn't recommend to any fashion forward individuals.

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