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Woodstock Soapstone Wood Stove Overview

The Woodstock Soapstone Company is a manufacturer of high efficiency wood and gas stoves, made of soapstone, cast iron, and steel. The company is privately owned and located in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

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Corporate History

Woodstock Soapstone Company was founded in Woodstock, Vermont in 1978 and has been hand building soapstone wood stoves ever since. The company moved to New Hampshire in 1985, where they have a factory and showroom and all stoves are manufactured on site. The company has approximately 30 employees and has expanded to include soapstone sinks and countertops.

Product Lines

The company offers 3 catalytic wood stoves constructed of soapstone: The Fireview, Keystone, and Palladium. The Fireview, which Woodstock Soapstone Company has been making for almost 40 years, is the company’s most popular soapstone wood stove, heating up to 1600 square feet.

The company’s line of wood stoves includes 3 hybrid stoves: The Progress Hybrid, the company’s first hybrid, constructed of soapstone; The Ideal Steel Hybrid Wood Stove, which won the Alliance for Green Heat award for design and efficiency, and has an 82% EPA tested efficiency; and the Absolute Steel Hybrid, their newest stove.


Every Woodstock Soapstone Company wood stove comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee. If not satisfied with the stove, the company will buy the stove back for the price you paid, including the cost of return shipping.

There is also a 3-year catalytic combustor warranty and a 1-year warranty on all parts.

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Woodstock Soapstone Wood Stove Reviews

"Keystone stove poorly built for the money."

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

When this stove works it is a fabulous little stove. However, there have been multiple problems with the performance, construction and durability. The stove was installed in February of 2017. The first part to fail was the loading door gasket, which failed at the beginning of the current 2018 – 2019 burning season. The stove smokes badly about a third of the time. Upon disassembly for cleaning and inspection (high maintenance stove, btw) I found that a second gasket inside the stove had failed, coming out of its groove and failing to seal properly. Because it is the middle of the winter and the stove is my only heat source, I can not re-glue the gasket because of the 24-hour curing time and so I have tamped it back into place and I hope it stays until the weather warms up. Today the metal catalytic converter cover has actually broken in two. There is a piece of the assembly that raises and lowers the cover that has always rubbed against the back of the stove due to poor fitting and installation during construction. This puts stress on the cover every time it is opened and closed. This is probably why the cover has failed. This stove was expensive and the construction/assembly is sub-standard. The company has been supportive with advice but has charged me for parts. I get the impression that these problems are not uncommon. Unacceptable in what is supposed to be a high-end product. While I love the stove when it is working properly, I would not repurchase.

S. Fievez

Sprague Rier, OR

"Cost of operating fire view stove"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

Stove is efficient but not like they claim. First, it does not burn for more than 5 hours. Before it needs a reload, and it is high maintenance cleaning, not to mention replacement parts, gone out of control. I live in mountain of New Hampshire. And have 2 fire view stoves for last 16 years. Have rebuilt almost every part except shell. I am 66 years. Old getting harder and harder to maintain laying on back to change parts and service. Good stove but not worth the hassle of work, and now the crazy cost of parts!!!!! Think twice may not be nice if you are older and not mech. Inclined.

william allaire

New Hampshire

"A Great Wood Stove"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought this stove 15 years ago and had it shipped out from Vermont. It was expensive, but the information on it sounded really good. It took a bit of learning to get it to run at maximum efficiency, but I was impressed right off the bat. It is a beautiful stove and it heats my house on most winter days with just one load of wood. It holds heat for a long time, and radiates warmth for hours after the fire has burned down to nothing. The creosote build up is minimal and that is the result of its design and the catalytic converter inside the firebox. Maintenance is minimal, and it still looks and heats excellent. All I have done to keep it running good is to clean the catalytic converter out with a vacuum every few months, and soak clean it once a year. Other than that, I just light it up and damp it down after 30 minutes or so, and walk away. All in all this is a great wood stove.

Jim O

Nehalem, OR

"i have the best wooden stove, it heats up a three bedroom house very quick"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my stove for about five years, never had a problem with the item. I've had to clean it up here and there but I completely love it and have had no difficulties. I would definitely recommend this to anyone: it's money saving, ecological and very practical.

e zambrano

Miami Beach , Florida

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