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Consumer Reviews of Pacific Energy wood stoves

#18  of 21 brands of wood stoves

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Date created: 2017-01-05 Name: PH
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"Product worth buying, but could have some improvements to have the experience a 10 out of 10"
I have owned my unit for the pass 4 years. It was gifted to me by my parents. From my experience, I like that it heats my entire home. I have about 1130 sq feet for it to reach, and I have never had a problem feeling that heat in every room. One thing I would change, or don't like is that I have to load at the bottom which leaves a mess. As well as the ashes do sometimes get in the air. I'd wish for it to be able to load from the top. So If I were to buy a new model in the same family, I would want the same brand but the model to be like that. I have never had to replace any of the parts or had to have it fixed. But I did buy a warranty from the store, which said it would cover any repair pairs and services.

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