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Wood Stoves by Vermont Castings

Updated: Sep 6, 2018
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Vermont Castings manufactures wood and gas stoves, wood-burning stove inserts and outdoor grills. Vermont Castings is owned by Hearth and Home Technologies, Inc., which is a division of the publicly traded HNI Corporation (NYSE:HNI). HNI posted revenue of approximately $2.2 billion USD in 2017.

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Product Lines

Vermont Castings manufactures 4 lines of wood stoves: the non-catalytic Aspen, the catalytic wood burning Intrepid II, and two convertible models, the Defiant Flexburn and the Encore Flexburn.  All of their stoves are manufactured from 100% recycled iron.

Corporate History

Vermont Castings was founded in 1975 by friends Duncan Syme and Murray Howell.  The two designed, built and sold their first stove, the Defiant.  In 1979, they built their own cast iron foundry.

In 2008 Monessen Hearth Systems purchased Vermont Castings from Canadian Fireplace Manufacturers Corp. Monessen later changed its name to the Vermont Castings Group.  In 2014, Vermont Castings was sold to Hearth and Home Technologies.

Contacting Vermont Castings

Hearth and Home Technologies, Inc.
7571 215th Street West
Lakeville, MN 55044

Phone: (877) 427-8368


Vermont Castings offers a limited 3 year warranty against manufacturer's defects for their stoves, with the exception of the catalyst, thermostat assembly, handles, glass door panels, cement, and gaskets.  (This short list of parts receives only a 1 year warranty).  The consumer must mail the defective parts to the company (or pay an authorized dealer to diagnose the problem and remove the parts).  Once the company has received the defective parts, and determined that the cause was a manufacturer's defect, the company will repair or replace them, covering both the cost of the part and the labor.

Vermont Castings does not warrant stoves purchased before July 25, 2008.  If you have a problem with a stove purchased before that date, the company recommends that you contact the Canadian Fireplace Manufacturers Corp directly.  The problem with this approach is that CFM Corp. filed for Canadian creditor protection in 2008, and according to the Better Business Bureau appears to be out of business.  If you have trouble with an older stove your best bet is probably to contact the dealer from which you bought the stove.


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