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Summer's Heat Pellet and Wood Stoves

Updated: Sep 5, 2018
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The Summer's Heat brand of pellet and wood stoves is owned by the England's Stove Works. The company's headquarters is situated in Monroe, VA (USA). Summer's Heat stoves are typically sold in the United States at Lowes Home Improvement store. England's Stove Works also markets the Englander and Timber Ridge brands of stoves. England's Stove Works is a private company.

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Corporate History

England's Stove Works was established in 1976 by Bob and Ron England. Ron and Bob's father was named Robert Summers England, and it seems plausible that Robert's middle name was the inspiration for the "Summer's Heat" brand name.

For other detais, we recommend that you read the brand profile for Englander stoves, a sister-brand of Summer's Heat.

Contacting Summers Heat

England's Stove Works, Inc.
589 S Five Forks Rd
Monroe, VA 24574

Phone: (800) 516-3636

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