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Pacific Energy Stoves

Updated: Apr 9, 2017
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Pacific Energy is a designer and manufacturer of gas and wood burning stoves. Pacific Energy is part of Pacific Energy Fireplace Products, a privately owned company headquartered in Duncan, BC, Canada.

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Corporate History

Pacific Energy was founded in 1978. The company was among the first to introduce a glass-fronted wood stove, floating firebox design, air wash system, and a patented Extended Burn Technology.  Pacific Energy Fireplace Products appliances are now sold by over 2,000 distributors in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Pacific Energy formed a Joint Venture partnership with Gruppo Piazzetta of Asolo, Italy in 2012, making Pacific Energy the exclusive North American distributor of Piazzetta Pellet Stoves and manufacturer of Piazzetta Gas Stoves.

Product Lines

Pacific Energy features a wide line of gas stoves and inserts. Each gas stove features a large aluminum heat exchanger and programmable one-touch remote controls. Several of the units offer Design-A-Fire technology, a series of interchangeable components allowing customization of features such as color, finish and detail.

The company’s large selection of wood stoves and inserts are available in several designs and styles, including traditional, contemporary, soapstone, and cast iron. These stoves use a stainless steel baffle system and are designed to burn cleanly.

Contacting Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy Fireplace Products
2975 Allenby Rd
Duncan, BC V9L 6V8

Phone: (888) 223-0088


Pacific Energy gas stoves are covered by a 10-year parts warranty and a 3-year labor warranty on  the firebox, heat exchanger, glass (thermal breakage only not impact), and porcelain. Blowers, valves, burners, electrical switches, remote controls and wiring are covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty.  

Wood stoves feature a 10-year warranty on the porcelain finish, glass (thermal breakage only, not impact), plating, firebox and baffle. Any parts found to be defective, including electrical components, are covered by a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

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