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Fisher Wood Stoves

Updated: Apr 22, 2017
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Fisher is a discontinued brand of wood stove. The company was privately held and located in Oregon.

Corporate History

Bob Fisher designed and manufactured the first Fisher stove, later named the Papa Bear, in 1973 to heat his own home. His welding and sealing design produced some of the first airtight steel plate stoves. Industrial Constructing Co. did the manufacturing under contract. Bob Fisher stepped down due to illness in the late 1970’s. In 1981 the company was reorganized, with Earl Wing, owner of Industrial Constructing Co. taking full ownership. The company was renamed Fisher-Century Corp. Due to changes in EPA regulations, Fisher went out of business in 1988.

Product Lines

Fisher offered 3 models of stove in the “Bear Range”: Papa Bear, which took logs up to 30 inches and sold for $325 when first sold in 1974; Mama Bear, which took logs up to 24 inches and sold for $300 in 1974; and Baby Bear, which took logs up to 18 inches and sold for $225 in 1974. The Bear series all featured a single cast iron door and 2 air inlets.

In 1976 the Fireplace Series became available. There were two models, the Grandma Bear and the Grandpa Bear. These stoves were wider than the original Fisher stoves and featured two doors, allowing them to be run with the doors open to view the fire. Later stoves included the Honey Bear and the Goldilocks, approved for mobile home use.

The most distinguishing feature of Fisher stoves was the cast iron door design. The first stoves featured a flat top design with a chrome ball handle. The next design had spring handles. Stoves manufactured from 1980-1988 had an arched Cathedral Style door with an angled Fisher logo.

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Fisher Wood Stoves

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