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Consumer Reviews of American Energy Systems wood stoves

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Date created: 2016-12-07 Name: MMR
Location: Elk River, MN

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Wonderfully Warm"
We bought this house a year and a half ago, and we love the wood stove! I believe it to be original to the house so that makes it 16 years old. We have not had any problems with it and the home inspector didn't see any issues with it either. It has glass doors that make it look more like a fireplace than just a wood stove, soot does collect on them so they need to be cleaned periodically. The stove itself has a large box so you can put a few logs in at a time to last through the night. It has a fan system to help circulate the warm air through the house we can easily keep our 2100 sq ft. house heated to 72 degrees in the harsh Minnesota winters. If looking for a wood stove I highly recommend this wood stove for your home.

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