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Consumer Reviews of Woodmaster wood furnaces

#6  of 34 brands of wood furnaces
76% of customers recommend
4 of 5 stars 42 reviews

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Date created: 2012-01-26 Location: New York, NY

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Flex Fuel (60 kW model) is great!"
I love it this outdoor furnace. I bought it 6 or so months ago and the only thing I don't like is that there aren't any dealers "close" to me. The dealer that I got it from is now currently no longer in business. Dealer service is very important if buying any kind of outdoor boiler. My Woodmaster furnace is fairly simple with not many parts that would need replacing. If I ever had to replace the thermoststs, the local heating and cooling place sells them. I did research for about 12 months before deciding on the Woodmaster. There are tons of companies that say theirs is better than anyones. Your best bet is see if any local people have the brand you are looking at.

Date created: 2012-01-24 Location: Greer, AZ

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Very pleasant edition to my cabin!"
We purchased this furnace a few months ago to keep our cabin warm during the winter. The furnace is absolutely amazing. It has kept our cabin very warm when we have been up there and it allows us to adjust the heat settings of our cabin very quickly. However the item is very bulky which is one negative sense it has to sit upon a hill next to the window of our cabin. Due to its size sometimes it gets covered in snow when we are not around which creates a mess when we want to use it again. The overall quality of the furnace is admirable since we have had to make no repairs to it which is a huge advantage of owning this brand. Overall i would most certainly buy this same brand again and i would also recommend it to many of our neighbors at our cabin. Overall it is a great buy especially for those who don't want a huge heating bill in the winter months. It's swift, effective, and all around a good product.
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