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Wood Furnace User Ratings by Brand

A wood furnace is a heater, or furnace, fueled by wood instead of another fuel source. The most basic type of wood furnace is a fireplace, but modern wood furnaces use either forced air or piped water to distribute heat throughout your home.

FurnaceCompare.com has collected consumer wood furnace reviews since the beginning of 2010. In addition to describing their experience with their wood furnace, reviewers also rate each furnace model from 1 (“Very Unsatisfied”) to 5 (“Very Satisfied”).

The following list ranks wood furnace brands. We also maintain a list of the 5 best series of wood furnaces.

Types of Wood Furnaces

Wood furnaces come in indoor and outdoor models. Indoor wood furnace brands act just like other furnaces, with the addition of a wood firebox. Some also serve as water heaters, while others are modeled after traditional fireplaces with decorative glass doors.

Outdoor wood furnaces operate like boilers, warming water instead of air. Most outdoor wood boiler brands then use a system of pipes to move hot water into your home, where it goes to radiators or other radiant heating systems. But other outdoor wood furnace brands include heat exchangers that connect to your home’s forced-air system. In these units, the hot water is delivered to the heat exchanger and the forced-air system sends heat through your home.

Below, we will take a deep dive into the best wood furnace brands to help you decide which is right for your household. We also offer in-depth guides to the Best Furnaces of 2020 and Buying a Wood Stove, if you want to consider options other than a wood furnace.

We have collected reviews on 34 brands of wood furnaces — however, we have not included all those brands in this list. When we only have a handful of reviews, we run the risk that a single homeowner might sway the ratings too much. For that reason, we have only included the average rating for brands where we have at least 5 ratings.

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Best Wood Furnace Brands


With 5-star customer reviews, Mahoning is known for its rugged and reliable outdoor wood furnaces. The company has been innovating in the outdoor furnace industry since 1990, and a recent $2 million investment in technology research resulted in the all-new Skye Series V. Packed with features such as a 100% refractory firebox with strong thermal retention, computer-controlled automatic operation, low water alert and shutdown, remote display software and freeze protection, the Skye Series V is a great choice for those who want an outdoor wood furnace that can do it all.

Prices average around $10,000 installed, depending on geographic location and the specific unit you choose. The company has a strong dealer network, and all units come with a 1-year electrical parts warranty and a 3-year warranty overall.

Summers Heat

Summers Heat earns 4.7 stars from customers, and for good reason. The label is a subsidiary of England’s Stove Works, founded in Virginia in 1976. They have won multiple awards and recently added an onsite, state-of-the-art burn laboratory. With a 3,000-square-foot capacity, this wood furnace is designed to easily connect to your existing ductwork or to stand alone in a workshop or other large space. The extra-large glass door gives it the appearance of a traditional fireplace, and the 3.5-cubic-foot firebox accepts even large logs.

You can purchase the furnace for $1,399. Installation fees are extra and will vary according to your geographic location and the difficulty of the installation. The company has a large dealer network across the United States and Canada. There is a 5-year limited warranty on the firebox and cast iron door elements and a 1-year limited warranty on the rest of the components.

Crown Royal Stoves

Crown Royal Stoves is the brand name for outdoor and indoor wood and coal boilers manufactured by Greentech, a family-owned company in International Falls, Minnesota. Known as the “icebox of the nation” with winter temperatures regularly falling below -40 F, International Falls is a great place to manufacture furnaces. Crown Royal wood furnaces earn 4.5 stars on public reviews, and the best of the bunch is the next generation Pristine series.

All Pristine series outdoor wood furnaces are engineered for 99% efficiency and burn 60% less wood than traditional models. The gasification manifold injects preheated air for better burn efficiency in the second combustion chamber, while the primary combustion air panels reduce wear and tear on the firebox.

The company has a vast authorized dealer network, and pricing is available only through your local dealer. Your dealer can help you choose the right wood furnace for your family and ensure that it is properly sized for your home. The company offers an industry-leading 20-year warranty (prorated after 5 years) on most components, with a 1-year warranty on certain parts of the system.


With 4.2 stars on public reviews, HeatMaster offers a full range of outdoor wood boilers, along with those powered by other fuel types. Founded in Manitoba, Canada in 2001, HeatMaster today has a strong presence not only across Canada but also in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. The company’s G series is its flagship residential model.

In an innovative move, HeatMaster lets you build your own furnace. You choose the model and options you want, and the system will show you a price. Warranties vary according to the furnace you design, so ask your dealer for detailed warranty information for your chosen unit.

How we chose the best wood furnace brands

To help you compare different brands side by side, we focused on public reviews including notes on reliability, warranty information, pricing and the availability of a strong contractor network.

A wood furnace is an important investment, so it’s worth doing some research to make sure you find the one that’s right for you. Pay particular attention to features and sizing, as well as reviews. When reading reviews, focus on those written by people who are similar to you regarding climate zone, home and family size, and desired features. Also look for any issues or problems that seem to come up frequently, as this could indicate a design flaw. Ultimately, the best wood furnace brand for you is the one that meets the needs of your household.

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