Earth Rancher Wood Furnace Overview

The Earth Rancher is an outdoor wood furnace designed to heat up to 3000 square feet. It has a water capacity of 235 gallons and a heating capacity of approximately 250,000 BTU. The unit has a 1/2" thick firebox and a 20" x 20" wood door with no ash door and grate system. High heat and batting insulation on the sides and bottom, batting with Solar Guard on top, and a layer of Solar Guard around the entire unit help increase the Rancher's efficiency. It has a digital thermostat and comes with a 3-speed Taco pump installed. All Earth furnaces are also coal burning. The cost of a Rancher is $5,250.00 as of 2015, with financing available.

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Consumer Reviews of Earth Rancher


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  • 31.25% of customers recommended

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Earth Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Excellent furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

After heating my 100+ year old home for 35 years with a out of control wood furnace in my basement I decided to buy an outdoor furnace. After speaking with several owners of different brands most complaints were that the fire boxes burned through after a few years or problems with controls were common. I decided to buy an Earth because of the !/2" thick firebox. I live in Northern New York about 40 miles from the Canadian border. Most winters the average temperature is about 25 degrees with -20 degree temperatures occurring often. This past winter was about 10 degrees above normal. I load my furnace every 12 hours although I did go as long as 18 hours on warmer days. This furnace is excellent , It's heavy duty and doesn't use any more wood than my old one did. I set my thermostat at 68 degrees and stayed warm all winter. I no longer worry about chimney fires, I don't have ashes in my basement, no wood chips to clean up ,no spiders or bugs in my home. The sales staff is very helpful and answered all my questions and I asked a lot of them before I bought my furnace. Delivery came when they said it would. The only maintenance I had to perform was, I had to tighten the door hinge bolts after five months of usage. I recommend this furnace to anyone that is looking to buy a heavy duty furnace.

Jim Seymour

Harrisville, NY

"Great value"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Purchased furnace 3 years ago. It has heated our 3200 sq. Ft. Home with ease burning both green and dry oak firewood. I perform recommended maintenance using proper water treatment solution. The only minor complaint is the grate needs to be a beefier as it tends to warp.

S. Meier

Mountain View, MO


5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought the unit 2 years ago. Electric bill was $250 a month, now it is down to $110 a month. The unit uses very little wood. I do recommend Earth wood furnaces to anybody that I talk to about outdoor furnaces. Very, very pleased.

m. adams

"Terrible customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had placed an order from an Earth dealer in Kansas in late October. When it finally shipped 4 weeks later the shipping company damaged it and returned it to Earth outdoors to be repaired. Then Earth would not release it until the damages had been paid, which had nothing to do with the dealer or me as an end consumer even after the boiler had been paid for by the dealer. After several calls to the manufacturer and the dealer I decided to cancel my order for the boiler with the dealer. The dealer (Arnolds Refrigeration Inc.) was fortunate enough to have another line of quality boilers and was able to complete my order and complete my install. I was shopping on price, I guess it shows you get what you pay for. After reading the reviews on here I'm glad I made the decision to stay away from Earth's line of boilers.

M. Brammell

Harveyville, KS

"Rancher 365 design defective"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased an Earth wood stove January of 2013. The stove design is ridiculously inefficient and should be considered defective. The problem lies in the forced air draft and way it's controlled. You have a massive fire that burns wood rapidly letting 80-90% of the BTUs go out the chimney. When the wood burns out you then rapidly cool your firebox with outdoor ambient temperature. The colder it gets outside the worse the stove does. In a 12 hour span with a full box of wood @10' outside, the wood completely burns to ash and your water temp loses 75-100'. I have completely removed the fan from the draft and control temperature by the amount of wood I put in. This alone has reduced wood usage and increased burn time by 200-300% depending on heat loads. I contacted Earth about the issue several times and even brought the stove back to the factory for inspection. They blamed me for changing the thermostat settings, burning green wood, too big of house, not installing it correct and anything else they could think of. I have found the owners of Earth to be totally incompetent. I approached them with a simple solution that I was willing to pay them to do and they told me it would void my warranty. I am looking into starting a class action suit for them overrating the BTU output. Its sold as 300,000 BTU and it doesn't provide enough heat to run my 1200 square foot house when cold out. Earth told me to just run my propane. I haven't hooked my shop or hot water up due to the stove being such a pig. I call it the Woodpig 3000.

Nathan S.


Other Rancher Reviews

There are very few online comments regarding the Earth Rancher. In a post on, a homeowner who was considering a Rancher because of the price was told by a responder that he knows someone who heats with an outside wood furnace and he thinks it's a Rancher. On is a post from a homeowner having trouble because of the way his Rancher was installed, but not with the unit itself. There are also a couple of posts on the same site regarding questions about installation.

Rancher Warranty

The warranty for the Earth Rancher wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 25-year furnace warranty, which covers parts and labor. Warranty is pro-rated after the 7th year
  • 1-year warranty on door, grates and damper

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