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Kerr Wood Furnaces

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Kerr products are known for their "quick heat" exchange, which features a chamber-free construction. Kerr Heating has four distinct wood-burning heaters. The KVC-SS wood-oil furnace is a combination heater that typically needs to be used with oil burners. The Scotsman model, known as "The Classic", is designed for larger homes and public or commercial spaces. The Scotty & Scotty SS are available in two models -- the DB-102 and the DB-202A. Both feature a wood-burning carbonization process. The fourth type of wood-burning heater, the TW-2000, is also made for residences.

Kerr's Warranty

Once the customer has submitted the warranty card (within 30 days of purchase), the official and legally binding warranty for all Kerr wood-burning products is five (5) years. This warranty is applicable only to the original owner and serves to provide repairs to and/or replacement of the heat exchanger in the exclusive case of manufacture defect or workmanship error. No other conditions apply.

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