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Consumer Reviews of Hardy wood furnaces

#24  of 34 brands of wood furnaces
47% of customers recommend
3 of 5 stars 21 reviews

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Date created: 2011-11-25 Location: Rolla, MO

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Save Money with Wood Heat! Hardy Wood Furnace."
I have owned my Hardy wood furnace for about 8 years. It came with the house I purchased, and is currently about 15 years old - it works like new! I love the energy savings with this wood heater, which also heats water. It is very easy to kindle a fire in this furnace, and when fully loaded, doesn't have to be refilled with wood for up to 18 hours. You can burn any kind of wood in it, and I also burn paper trash. It takes up to 32 inch logs, and even small stumps. I have replaced two or three minor parts, and have been very impressed with the company, their knowledge about the product, and ability to diagnose any problems over the phone. I would heartily recommend this furnace to a friend, and if I am ever in the market again, I will definitely buy a Hardy!
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