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Consumer Reviews of Hardy wood furnaces

#23  of 33 brands of wood furnaces

53% of customers recommend
3 of 5 stars 15 reviews

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Date created: 2014-03-24 Name: Becky Miller
Location: Malta, Ohio

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"I love our Hardy"
We bought our Hardy in 2006 and we love it. It has saved us on our electric bill and it still runs well with the generator when the electric goes out. Our salesman always has the parts on hand when my husband broke something and it was reasonable price and he even told him how to fix it so we didn't have the expense of a house call. I have recommended this to everyone I know. And some of them has broke down and bought one too and now they wished they would have done it sooner. Rick Stoughton is the man to see in this area he will treat you right.

Date created: 2014-01-09 Name: Keith Hinckley
Location: Ellington, MO

Satisfaction Rating:

4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

"H2 Hardy Heater"
Uses a great deal of wood; large smoke output, the dealer has a monopoly on parts and repairs. They charge through the nose for service and parts, even parts identified as "Hardy" which are, in some cases, relatively inexpensive common plumbing parts.

Date created: 2013-04-20 Name: AL NOLF
Location: Reed City, Michigan

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Review of the Hardy H4"
I own a big old farmhouse in the Northern Michigan. In 1995, I have added a ton of insulation, house wrap etc., I upgraded to a 97% efficient propane furnace. The price of lp continued to climb until last year when the winter's heat cost me $4400! I did a lot of research, and then set up interviews with the various outdoor wood furnace contractors. I told my wife: "This is either going to be the worst mistake we've ever made, or ...we should have done it 20 years ago." We're absolutely thrilled with the Hardy h4! First: I shut off the breaker to the electric water heater which saved us some money. Second: I cancelled my Trash container service. I had been paying $135 per quarter for so many years, but found that "Trash" is fuel. We burn everything except metal (which we sell to the junk yard) and glass which we recycle. Third: When I got my House insurance bill for the year, I found that the cost of insurance had dropped a full 20%. I called the insurance company immediately, but was told "of course it went down; you have no heat source inside your home." Fourth: I kept my attached two car garage heated to 65 degrees all winter long. (With the same chunk of wood that kept my house toasty) Fifth: the ACTUAL cost of wood during the bitterly cold winter was less than $1500. (I still have 20% of my wood left) Man I love this furnace! It provides all my hot water, heats my 5 bedroom house, heats my garage, saves on Home Owners Insurance, dropped my trash bill to Zero, and as an added bonus: I found that I really Love cutting wood, and lost 30 lbs over the year while doing it! I've talked to many people who have forced air systems, and hate them. The H$ is all Stainless Steel, rugged as they come, parts are locally available if they are ever needed, and I only have to feed it twice a day. This Hardy furnace is a dream comes true for us! I wouldn't buy any other furnace.

Date created: 2012-03-06 Location: Ashland Ky

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Review of Hardy H2 wood boiler"
The wood boiler that I own is a hardy h2. This wood boiler was installed in my home before I bought the property. I have owned it for 2 years. I love how much energy it saves me during the winter. Most winter electric bills run between 60 and 90 dollars, much better than the bills of neighbors and friends. I am very happy with this boiler. The endless supply of hot water is my favorite feature of this boiler. As the stove heats the water in the stove a pump transfers it to the hot water tank. When the tank is filled with the hot water it keeps the electric element from kicking on in turn lowering the amount of electric needed to heat your water. Fellow employees of mine have the natures comfort boilers and have said that the enjoy them also. The only drawback to my hardy h2 wood boiler is that is consumes a lot of wood. I fill it up every morning before I leave for work and by the time I return home it is ready to be filled again. As far as repairs all that I have performed is general maintenance such as oiling the fan. But for the amount of money it saves on gas and electric heating and also all the hot water you can use it is worth it. All in all I am very pleased with my Hardy h2 Outdoor boiler. I have recommended it to all my family members.

Date created: 2011-11-25 Location: Rolla, MO

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Save Money with Wood Heat! Hardy Wood Furnace."
I have owned my Hardy wood furnace for about 8 years. It came with the house I purchased, and is currently about 15 years old - it works like new! I love the energy savings with this wood heater, which also heats water. It is very easy to kindle a fire in this furnace, and when fully loaded, doesn't have to be refilled with wood for up to 18 hours. You can burn any kind of wood in it, and I also burn paper trash. It takes up to 32 inch logs, and even small stumps. I have replaced two or three minor parts, and have been very impressed with the company, their knowledge about the product, and ability to diagnose any problems over the phone. I would heartily recommend this furnace to a friend, and if I am ever in the market again, I will definitely buy a Hardy!

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