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Consumer Reviews of Crown Royal wood furnaces

#4  of 34 brands of wood furnaces
88% of customers recommend
5 of 5 stars 185 reviews

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Date created: 2013-10-24 Name: R. Noll
Location: Lakewood, Pa.

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Purchased in Fall of 2008"
Purchased in fall of 2008. Uses wood as fast as you can cut it. Wiring and solenoid caught on fire last year. At the end of last year and now this year, the boiler has developed multiple leaks. Called to factory, was told caused by bad welds. Installation and service by dealer very unsatisfactory.

Date created: 2012-10-21 Name: Russ Martin
Location: Seneca, WI

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"7200 6 years old"
Supposedly has a 20 year warranty. Warranty does not transfer to new owner if property is sold. This unit is 6 years old, purchased in 2006 when the place was built and has multiple leaks. Company will not stand by unit or prorate warranty at all. The advertised 20 year warranty is pretty flimsy if you ask me. We will be replacing the unit with a different brand. No need buying more from a company who does little to stand by their product.
Date created: 2012-05-11 Location: Raleigh, NC

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Crown Royal Review"
I've had the Crown Royal RS7400E for about 2 years now. I like the fact that it comes with a water level indicator, an extra large loading firebox, and a long burn time. It's also backed with a 20 year manufacturer warranty, which is very useful. I honestly have no complaints, I've never had to repair it and I like all the features it comes with. I would definitely buy this brand again.
Date created: 2012-04-27 Location: Hadlyme, CT

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"My family loves our outdoor wood burning furnace and how much money it saves!"
We have had our wood furnace for almost 2 years now. We live in a wooded area and have friends that cut down trees for a living so we get a lot of free firewood. Its nince to be able to have the house at such a warm tempurature through our long north eastern winters. We dislike how locals are fighting the use of our furnace, becuase it saves us so much money. We had to add a stack to it last fall, becuase of a neighbors complaint of dust in her house. Other than that we have had no problems. We have recommended this brand to friends, and one of them has already purchased it for their own home. My family just can't beat the cost saving benefits own owning an outdoor wood burning furnace, and ours is the perfect size for our home. Plus we cant beat the customer service, any time we have a question someone calls us back within a day, or comes out to the house within a week.
Date created: 2011-12-03 Location: clemmons nc

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Love My Crown Royal heater"
Ive had my Crown Royal unit for over three seasons so far. The unit is easy to maintain and very easy to use. My family loves the fact that the heater is so attractive and reliable. The unit is so easy to use that even our teenagers are capable of loading and using the unit without supervision. We bought the unit with thoughts of never allowing the kids to get near it. In the winter time the children often have friends over and for sanity reasons we all insist they go outside. The only downside of the unit is the initial cash output. However once the heater is used we've found the unit is worth its weight in gold. Its never been in need of repair or parts replacement. The outside does however seem to attract leaves in the fall which are easily hosed away with water. We would surely buy another unit if we were in the market. We have recommended the heater to many of our friends and family,
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