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Pacific Western Wood Furnaces

Updated: Mar 24, 2016
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Pacific Western was a manufacturer of outdoor wood furnaces. It was a part of Innotech Developments International, which was headquartered in Ontario, Canada and went out of business around 2007.

Corporate History

Innotech Developments International, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, manufactured two lines of outdoor wood furnaces. These units were sold by over 90 dealers in North America. 

Product Lines

Pacific Western manufactured four different sizes of boilers, the PW-1 (output of up to 225,000 BTUs), the PW-2 (350,000 BTUs), the PW-3 (550,000 BTUs) and the PW-34 (up to 157,000 BTUs).

Contacting Pacific Western

Innotech Developments International: Pacific West
2015 James St. South
Thunder Bay, ON

Phone: 807-475-3004


Pacific Western furnaces were covered by a 20-year limited replacement warranty.

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