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Mahoning Wood Furnaces

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Mahoning manufactures and sells outdoor multi-fuel furnaces. (Fuel sources include wood, coal, oil, propane, gas, and waste oil.) It's worth noting that few outdoor furnaces sold in the US and Canada burn coal. These furnaces can be used to heat homes, pools, hot tubs, hot water systems, and can also heat secondary buildings, such as barns and workshops.

Corporate History

Mahoning was started by Dale Smith in 1987, and incorporated in 1995.

Product Lines

Mahoning Outdoor has six wood-burning furnace models. The 200, 300, 400 and 500 models can be outfitted with either a standard firebox or a multi-fuel firebox. The 600 and 700 models can only use a standard firebox. BTUs per hour vary on the multi-fuel firebox, depending on the fuel.

  • 200 (150,000 BTUs)
  • 300 (225,000 BTUs)
  • 400 (300,000 BTUs)
  • 500 (375,000 BTUs)
  • 600 (700,000 BTUs)
  • 750 (900,000 BTUs)
The 750 can accommodate large spaces such as barns, warehouses, plants, and department stores.

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Contacting Mahoning

Phone: 800-692-5200


Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces
208 Whiskey Run Road
Mahaffey, Pennsylvania 15757

Mahoning's Warranty

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces provides a 3-year warranty for reparation and replacement, and a 1-year warranty on all electrical components. Service contracts are also available.

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