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GEFCO Wood Furnaces

Updated: Mar 28, 2016
By Gary Sprague
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GEFCO Hydronics manufactured wood furnaces and other residential and commercial heaters but is no longer in business. GEFCO was a private company located in Ontario, Canada.

Corporate History

The company was owned and operated by George Flickas, who brought decades worth of heating experience to the manufacture and design of the GEFCO outdoor wood burning furnace. It appears that the company went out of business sometime around 2007.

Product Lines

GEFCO Hydronics offered three primary models in wood-heating furnaces. The GEFCO 3B heated up to 3,500 square feet. The GEFCO 4B had an advanced heating capacity of 6,500 square feet. The GEFCO 750 had a 15,000-square-foot surface that could easily provide heat for large structures, such as warehouses, and manufacturing plants. All of these models were also energy efficient, with very little or no waste discharge and could be integrated with hot water tanks. All of the furnaces were outdoor models.

Contacting GEFCO

GEFCO Hydronics
Box 10
Gooderham, ON K0M 1R0

Phone: 705-447-3275


GEFCO Hydronics had a 10-year warranty against all leaks and a 1-year warranty on controls, with the provision of reparation or replacement of parts as deemed necessary.

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