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Garn Wood Heating Systems

Updated: Apr 19, 2016
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GARN is a brand of residential and commercial gasification wood boilers. GARN is a product line produced and manufactured by Dectra Corporation, a private company located in St. Anthony, MN. 

Corporate History

Martin Lunde, Dectra Corporation’s founder, began research in 1976 into what would become the GARN line of wood-fired hydronic heaters. The first prototypes were field tested in 1981, and in 1984 Lunde registered GARN as a trademark. In 2008, manufacturing space was doubled to meet demand for the wood-burning units.

Product Lines

There are four wood boiler models in the GARN wood heating system product line: the WHS-Junior (1000), with a heat output of 180,000 BTUh and an efficiency of 80%; WHS-1500,  with a heat output of 250,000 BTUh and an efficiency of 80%; WHS-2000, with a heat output of 325,000 BTUh and an efficiency of 88.4%; and WHS-3200, with a heat output of 700,000 BTUh and an efficiency of 85%. 

Contacting GARN

3525 33rd Ave NE
St. Anthony, MN 55418

Phone: 612-326-1100


GARN products are covered by a 1-year parts warranty. The storage tank, combustion chamber, flue tube heat exchanger, outer door, middle door and blower housing have a 5-year warranty. 

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