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Fire Chief Wood Furnaces

Updated: Jul 19, 2016
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Fire Chief manufactures indoor and outdoor wood/coal burning furnaces. The company is owned by HY-C, a privately-owned company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Corporate History

HY-C was founded in 1947 and today manufactures home improvement products including chimney covers, stove boards, and fireplace accessories. 85% of HY-C products are manufactured in the United States. St. Louis-based HY-C Co. acquired Fire Chief Industries in 2011.

Product Lines

Fire Chief manufactures six wood/coal furnace models. Its indoor models range from the cost-effective 450 to the top-of-the-line 1100E. The 1800D and 2200D outdoor furnaces heat up to 2,500 and 3,500 square feet respectively.

Each furnace features a secondary combustion chamber that re-burns smoke and wood gases for increased efficiency, and a thermostat-controlled blower designed to maximize the heat output. The furnaces are made of heavy-gauge steel, with the exception of the cast iron front and rear baffles. All units are pre-wired to simplify installation.

Contacting Fire Chief

Fire Chief Industries
10950 Linpage Place
St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: (800) 875-4788


Fire Chief indoor furnaces are covered by a lifetime warranty on the grate system, a 5-year warranty on the firebox, and a 2-year warranty on the blower motor. The exception is the 450, which has a 5-year warranty on the grate system. For its outdoor furnaces, Fire Chief provides a 5-year warranty on the firebox and grates and a 2-year warranty on the blower motor. 

Fire Chief furnaces must be registered within 30 days of purchase to receive warranty coverage.

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