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Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Updated: Oct 5, 2016
By Gary Sprague
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Earth Outdoor Furnaces manufactures wood/coal furnaces and forced-air furnaces designed for multiple applications. Earth Outdoor Furnaces is part of Earth Outdoor Products, a family owned and operated company located in Missouri.

Corporate History

Siblings Zachary, Nathan, Ben and Sarah Kelly founded Earth Outdoor Products in 2009. According to an article in the Mtn. Grove News-Journal, the company was founded when the siblings' father ordered an outdoor wood furnace that took six months to arrive. With help, the siblings began developing their own furnace and soon the business was born.

According to its website, the company was founded with the goal of providing customers with "quality products at affordable prices."

Product Lines

All of Earth's furnaces used to be wood-burning units. In 2015, because of EPA changes in clean air standards, Earth changed its six series of residential wood furnaces to coal-burning furnaces: the Bear Cub, Woodsman, Rancher, Mountain Man, Klear Sky, and High Efficiency. The Bear Cub 305-FA is geared toward small or mobile homes or for use in outbuildings such as workshops. The Klear Sky series features integrated emission control technology that exceeds EPA guidelines.

While its residential furnaces are designed to burn coal, Earth also offers a commercial line of six furnaces that burn wood.

Standard on all furnaces is a 12-inch cylinder firebox measuring ½-inch thick. Furnace doors feature a 3-section, full-bar hinge that is designed to resist warping. A corrugated metal exterior in one of several stock colors also is standard, although brick, rock, wood and other siding options are available.

Reviews by Series

Bear Cub (5 reviews)
Mountain Man (6 reviews)
Rancher (16 reviews)
Woodsman (7 reviews)

Contacting Earth

Earth Outdoor Wood Furnaces
P.O. Box 310
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Phone: (417) 746-0043


Earth furnaces carry a limited 25-year factory warranty that covers thermostats, pumps and other parts. Check with your dealer for specific warranty details.

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