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DAKA Wood Furnaces

Updated: Jul 14, 2016
By Gary Sprague
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DAKA Corp. manufactures wood- and coal-burning furnaces and a full line of accessories for these products. The company is based in Minnesota and is privately owned.

Corporate History

DAKA Corp. was founded in 1977 by Dennis Anderson Sr. and his son Kevin Anderson; the name comes from their combined initials. The company began as a structural steel fabricator, but soon added the manufacture of wood-burning furnaces to their repertoire. The company is now made up of DAKA Metals (metal fabrication), DAKA Energy (wood furnaces), and DAKA Marine (docks and lifts). 

Product Lines

DAKA says its furnaces can be connected to traditional up-flow warm-air systems to help ease utility bills. Each wood/coal-burning furnace is made of extra-heavy-gauge steel with a cast iron fire door and 3/16-inch steel-plated, firebrick-lined combustion chamber. The furnaces use Dayton blowers to maximize the distribution of heated air.

Both the 622FBT and 621 models burn wood or coal for an output of up to 125,000 BTU, and both feature a secondary heat chamber. However the 622FBT uses two blowers and can be controlled by a wall thermostat. The 521FB furnace has an output of 105,000 BTU that is distributed by a single blower. Optional external heat transfer fins can be used to improve the unit's heat transfer and reportedly strengthen the firebox.

Contacting Daka

DAKA Corp. Customer Service
955 Industrial St. NE
Pine City, MN 55063

Phone: (320) 629-6737


DAKA's furnaces carry a 5-year limited warranty on the combustion chamber, and a 1-year limited warranty on all other parts.

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