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Central Boiler

Updated: Mar 9, 2016
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Central Boiler manufacturers outdoor wood-burning furnaces that can be used to heat homes, swimming pools, barns and other buildings. The furnace burns wood to boil water, and then pipes the hot water inside in insulated pipes. The hot water can then be used in conjunction with your existing warm-air furnace, radiant floor system or water heater.

Corporate History

Dennis Brazier founded Central Boiler in 1984. The company is privately held with offices and a manufacturing plant located in Minnesota. Central Boiler also owns Central Fireplace, which manufactures gas fireplaces.

Product Lines

The company's wood-burning furnaces are sold under the product name "Classic", and are available in heavy guage carbon steel or titanium enhanced stainless steel. The "Classic" was the first outdoor wood furnace to be both UL and CSA certified.

The E - Classic 1200 was also the first outdoor wood furnace to meet the US Environmental Protection Agency's new voluntary emissions standards. The EPA provides a list of cleaner-burning outdoor wood furnaces.

Reviews by Series

Classic (75 reviews)
Classic Edge (15 reviews)
E-Classic (113 reviews)
Maxim (8 reviews)

Contacting Central Boiler

Central Boiler
20502 160th Street
Greenbush, MN 56726

Phone: 800-248-4681


The "Classic" furnace has an optional 25-year limited warranty which covers parts and labor. The Pallet Burner has a 1-year warranty, but the 25-year warranty is not available.

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