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Bryan Wood Furnaces

Updated: Mar 9, 2017
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Bryan is a brand of supplemental outdoor wood burning furnace. The Bryan brand is owned by Rik-Mar Fabricators Inc., a private company headquartered in Texas.

Corporate History

Rik-Mar Fabricators Inc. was founded in 1976 in Bryan, Texas as a custom fabrication and metal shop. A short time later the Bryan Furnace was invented by Charles Cobos and introduced by the company. Rik-Mar continues to be the exclusive manufacturer of the Bryan Furnace.

Rik-Mar has 30,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities with approximately 15 full-time employees, with the Bryan Furnace division producing furnaces year-round.

Product Lines

There are 5 models of the Bryan Furnace. The smallest unit, the Model 350, produces 90,000 BTU’s and will heat approximately 1500 square feet. The Model 300 produces 130,000 BTU’s and heats approximately 2500 square feet, and the Model 450 produces 250,000 BTU’s. There is also the Model 300 CA and Model 350 CA, which are the same size and specifications as the Model 300 and Model 350 but have a combustion air fan. 

Contacting Bryan

Rik-Mar Fabricators Inc.
PO Box 4232
Bryan, TX 77805

Phone: 979-779-1616


Bryan furnaces come with a 5-year warranty on the combustion chamber and a 1-year warranty on all components, excluding cast iron grates, door latches and gaskets, and fire brick and front and rear refractory.

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