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Aqua-Therm Wood Boilers

Updated: Sep 7, 2016
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Aqua-Therm, LLC manufactures and sells renewable fuel boilers, including wood and coal boilers, for residential and light commercial applications. Aqua-Therm is a private company and is headquartered in New London, MN.

Corporate History

Aqua-Therm was founded in 1983 and based in Brooten, Minnesota. The company recently moved to New London, MN. The company markets its products, including boilers, boiler accessories, and in-floor radiant heating accessories, through dealers in North America. In Febuary, 2016, Aqua-Therm became the strategic partner of Wood Boiler, LLC. 

Product Lines

Aqua-Therm's line of four boilers includes the Blaze HE wood boiler, which is EPA Phase II qualified and which the company states is its newest and most efficient boiler; the E4 gasification outdoor wood boiler; the coal burning Coal-One boiler; and the Eco-One, designed for commercial use.

An outdoor pellet boiler, the Easy 35, will be available soon, according to the company's website.

Contacting Aqua-Therm

Aqua-Therm, LLC
P.O. Box 262
New London, MN 56273

Phone: 800-325-2760


Aqua-Therm provides a limited Lifetime warranty on wood/coal burning boilers, with a 5-year replacement warranty on defective units. The Lifetime warranty is pro-rated after 5 years. Components such as grates and fans have a 1-year warranty. Owner's registration card must be completed and returned to Aqua-Therm within 30 days of purchase for warranty to be in effect.

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