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Richmond Water Heater Overview

The Richmond brand of gas and electric water heaters are manufactured by Rheem Manufacturing Company. They are produced for both residential and commercial use. Rheem is a subsidiary of The Paloma Group of Japan. The Paloma Group reported revenue of approximately $3.3 billion USD in 2017.

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Power Vent 6 Year Gas 9 Year Electric

Corporate History

The Rheem Manufacturing Company began its operations in 1927, supplying packaging to petroleum companies; in the 1930's, it began building water heaters. The company subsequently bought Ruud Manufacturing in 1959, adding heating and cooling equipment to the business. Rheem acquired Raypak, which was a major manufacturer of copper tube boilers used in commercial hot water heating, in 1985.

Rheem became a subsidiary of Paloma Industries in Japan in 1988, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Its manufacturing facilities are located across the southeast U.S., California, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Consumers can purchase Richmond water heaters in many local hardware and home improvement stores.

Product Lines

Richmond water heaters come in a variety of sizes and styles for residential use and include several Energy Star rated products. Richmond offers tank-type, tankless and solar water heaters, as well as replacement parts and accessories. Richmond's 9 and 12-year gas and electric water heaters feature the EverKleen Self Cleaning System, which helps prevent sediment buildup. The Richmond Hybrid has 2.45 EF and is Energy Star rated.

The Richmond line includes mid-efficiency and high-efficiency tankless water heaters for residential use. The tankless water heaters are about one-third the size of traditional water heaters, and an EZ-Link Cable can connect two tankless units to operate as one.

Commercial Richmond products include heavy and light-duty water heaters, electric storage tanks, and boosters for water heaters.


Customers can choose warranty options at the time of purchase. Residential models are available with six, nine, and twelve year tank and parts warranties. Encore tankless gas units and the Hybrid heat pump electric also include a 1-year labor warranty. The Marathon models carry a lifetime tank and 6-year parts warranty. The commercial electric water heaters have a three-year limited warranty and the storage tank has a five-year guarantee.

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Richmond Water Heater Reviews

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"Never Richmond Again"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Tank went bad right at 1 year and 2 weeks. Warranty covered parts only after a year. My plumber said that the unit was bad within an hour of arriving. We called the manufacturer and told them the issue. They decided to send us several other parts to try first. None of these fixed it. After finally replacing all 6 different parts they said the unit was bad. This was after my plumber had to charge me for coming out 7 different times. The plumber was right from the start. Richmond said I was just out of luck even though they were wrong on the parts.

Never Richmond Again

St Louis


2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I purchased the product from Menards and out of the box the did not function. Waiting on a part and a technician to come out to repair. Once opened the manufacturer did not want you to return the unit to the place of purchase as I assume to many are or have been returned in the past? I have been without hot water for almost a week and if this was for my property, I would have to be giving a break on the rent for the inconvenience.

Willie Chatman


"Awesome water heater 30 years of service"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I installed this Richmond water heater in my house when I built it nearly 30 years ago. It has never required service and has never been drained. Original anode. Has worked flawlessly. I have never had to think about a water heater for nearly 30 years. It is still working but some corrosion on the top has me concerned. Time to replace now. I wish I could find the exact same model.

Ed Downs

Nevada County, CA

"Under warranty"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I did have trouble contacting their warranty department as it had changed from the original date of purchase. After finding the updated warranty contact number online, I contacted their warranty depart by phone and talk to them about the failure. Our water heater's internal tank had failed in a slow leak. The company issued a full warranty claim, at that time I asked their representative about a substitute for the exact model. I was told I could upgrade and pay any additional cost above the current model number which would also allow a full extension of the warranty. This was due to the fact of not having the receipt for the purchase. The manufacture date was on the water heater which was 11.5 years old. I then looked online at Menards to confirm the model. That model was a special order, so I found a similar model that was in stock at a local Menards that had a few updates for higher energy efficiency and at the same price. When I got to Menards I was able to purchase the water heater with the extended warranty including installation. I am happy with the replacement water heater, which is also higher energy efficiency and first-hour rating. I would purchase from this company again in the future. I also have a maintenance plan in place to help maintain the water heater's efficiency and help prolong its life.

Ben Neil


"Deceiving description"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Very disappointed in this water heater. The description is deceiving and the unit will not keep up with a household of 1. Can only take a warm shower of about 15mins water heater set at about 130-140 degrees. Still takes 15/20 mins to recover.


South Dakota

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