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American Water Heater Overview

American Water Heaters manufactures and distributes residential and commercial water heating products. Headquartered in Johnson City, Tennessee, American is a subsidiary of A.O. Smith Corporation, which had worldwide sales of approximately $3 billion in 2017.

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Corporate History

American Water Heater Company was founded in the early 1970’s and was purchased by GSW Inc. in 2002. In 2006, GSW was acquired by A.O. Smith. American’s manufacturing, research and development, and headquarters are all located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Product Lines

American manufactures gas and electric tank-style and tankless water heaters. Among the products American offers are the High Efficiency Gas Water Heater, which delivers 0.70 EF and is Energy Star qualified; the Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater, which the company claims is twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater; and indirect solar booster water heaters, available in 80 and 120-gallon models, which are Energy Star rated and designed to be part of a closed loop solar water heating system.


American offers a tank warranty ranging from 6 to 12 years and a parts warranty ranging from 6 to 12 years on residential electric and gas water heaters, depending on the model. The warranty on high efficiency, hybrid and solar models ranges from 6 to 10 years on both the tank and parts, depending on the model. The warranty does not include the cost of labor.

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American Water Heater Reviews

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"Good product"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Having owned several electric water heaters over the years, American is a quality product. But what many owners fail to realize is that any water heater requires routine maintenance, such as flushing about one or twice yearly and replacement of the anode rod that combats internal rusting about every 3 years to maintain the life of the tank. Do that and you should have no problems. The heating elements, thermostat controls, etc. on American water heaters are very well made and durable.

Alvin Cross

Bristol, TN

"Water Heater that really never has failed us"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

For the last two years my American Water Heater actually has been a true pleasure to own! When a few of my friends had told me that they had problems with theirs (especially in winter it seemed) I had worried about one day having the loss of my hot water for hours or days too…but in the two years we've owned the thing I have had zero problems. Granted we went with the electric model and our house is not huge, but I still feel very satisfied and would not change it even if I needed to….I would just get another one if I had to. I typically wouldn't really think twice about my water heater but as I said when my friends started to complain about theirs to me I began to thank my lucky stars. Of course the only dislike is that when there is no power there is no hot water too, but from my limited knowledge that's normal for everyone. I can't help but recommend this water heater to anyone looking for the most durable and dependable choice. My water is always extremely hot with fast reheating and seemingly endless supply. It's been a pleasure to own, and I am usually very critical of products so I can say safely that I trust in this product.

Boston, MA

"Proline….American Eater Heater Co. Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this water heater for a few years. We bought it brand new, I believe at a Lowe's, however we only installed it about a year ago to save on oil consumption. I like the fact that it warms the water very quickly and is quiet. The only thing that I dislike about it is, of course, when it sweats, but that is minor and depends on what the weather is like. The energy rating isn't very good, however even with 5 people living in the home I never noticed a difference in my energy bills. I would recommend this brand and would certainly buy it again.

Herndon, PA

"Premiere plus energy efficient water heater review"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I purchased the Premier Plus water heater back in 2014. There was a problem I was having with my older Whirlpool 50T water heater. I enjoy this water heater because it is sleek and has a control setting, which allows me to change the temperature of the water that's extracted. I also enjoy my new one because my previous water heater did not allow my family to take multiple showers at the same time. The water got cold quickly and my previous water heater did not allow me to maintain that heat control. I love the Premier Plus, my family can take showers at the same time without the fear of the water going cold in about five minutes. Things I do not like about this particular water heater is that it was supposed to be energy efficient but I noticed ever since I bought the water heater last year my energy bill actually increased a little bit more. I'm not sure if it's the amount of water that we're using but my electric bill is up about 10% higher from the time I installed this new unit in my garage. If I had to buy the same brand I would definitely recommend it. Except for the fact that my energy bill would go up. But it is very durable and easy to control. Works really well and it allows my family to take multiple showers which definitely is a plus for me.

Deltona Florida

"New water Heater, new service guy"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We had to replace our old water heater, as the controls had failed and the tank itself was quite old. The company that came out and did the installation is a national chain and while the product itself is excellent the service provided by them, their attitude and cost, was not. We've had the water heater for 5 years now, and it has run quite nicely, providing hot water as needed and at a nice definition of "hot". We had only one problem come up, an issue with the control board. I contacted the new local guy we use for plumbing and such and he was happy to do the work. His price was very good, and his work, as always, was outstanding. The control part came from the manufacturer very quickly, and, according to our repair guy, was very easy to replace. So we are quite happy with the water heater, and even in the event of a single problem, the part was provided quickly by the manufacturer and the repair was simple.

Sycamore, IL

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