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Consumer Reviews of Maytag water heaters

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Date created: 2015-11-09 Location: Largo, FL

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Plenty of hot water for 2-person household"
I am very satisfied with my Maytag Series 12 water heater. We bought it specifically several years ago when we remodeled the bath to include a whirlpool tub...this is over a dozen years ago, come to think of it. There is not much point in having the tub unless there is plenty of hot water to go around, yes? That was my reasoning. Our previous water heater needed to be upgraded as it was small and old and not very effective. The new heater provided alarmingly hot, steaming, scalding water, quickly, to all taps in the house. There was enough hot water not only for my new tub, but for me to take a bath, while my husband took a shower, while someone else did the dishes. We never had a lack of hot water again. For years it provided reliable, hot water. It did exactly as it was supposed to, and never needed a repair. In later years, we desired to save electricity, so we turned the temperature on it down to save money, and we did. The hot water is a bit less hot and comes slower, but that is because we turned it down. I highly recommend this water heater. It is the only one you will need. I would definitely buy this brand again.

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