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Consumer Reviews of GASMASTER water heaters

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Date created: 2015-03-07 Name: Chris
Location: IL

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Run the other way from Gasmaster"
We purchased a brand new water heater for $6000 U.S. dollars. The heat exchanger cracked and the unit filled up with water; even the gas lines and valves had water in them. This was not even 6 months old. The owner, Michael Aghati, refused to cover it under his 10-year warranty. This story goes on and on but I don't want to get into it now. I have pictures and videos of this garbage. We finally had to scrap it and we purchased a new Kemco 4.5 minty unit.

Date created: 2010-09-27 Name: everett garvin
Location: Groton, MA.

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Old style wonder if new ones could be more efficient??
Date created: 2010-09-17 Name: Peter Palamara
Location: Castle Rock, Co

Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"Why the auto sensing pilot"
This thing has been a nightmare. They keep replacing the pilot sensing egt every single year and every single year it goes out. They are aware of the problem but yet dont want to address it. Its a great heater when it works but once that morning comes and its cold water, we know exactly what it is.

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