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Titan Tankless Water Heaters

Updated: Apr 5, 2017
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Titan is a brand of tankless water heater. The Titan brand name was created and is owned by Niagara Industries, a privately held company headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Corporate History

Niagara Industries was founded and operated out of a small warehouse in Miami, Florida in 1985. Its first water heater was a point-of-use model called the Niagara Tankless Water Heater. They then moved on to the Niagara “Electronic” Tankless Water Heater. By the 1990’s the brand name “Titan” had been created, with 5 models in production. Today the company’s engineering, production, R&D and packaging divisions are located in a 15,000 square foot facility in Miami. The company recently announced the opening of a second Miami facility as part of a corporate expansion plan.

Product Lines

Titan tankless water heaters are available in several models, including the SCR2, SCR3, SCR4, and N-140. The SCR2 is available in seven models and features an air/water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry starts. The SCR3 is specifically designed for new apartment complexes, where a lower line voltage of 208 VAC in the mains has been recently implemented. The SCR4 is available in three models and is designed for a variety of applications, including some commercial uses. The N-140 is the company’s newest unit and features a digital display of real time usage and efficiency information to the user.

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Contacting Titan

Niagara Industries
2540 N.W. 38 Ct
Miami, FL 33142

Phone: 305-876-9010


Titan water heaters are covered by a 10-year warranty on all water carrying components and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.

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