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John Wood Water Heaters

Updated: Dec 9, 2014
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John Wood is a maker of residential and commercial gas, electric and oil-fired water heaters. John Wood is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and is a subsidiary of A.O. Smith Corporation, which had worldwide sales of approximately $2.15 billion in 2013.

Corporate History

John Wood was founded in Canada over 150 years ago as a tinware and farm implements company. John Wood was part of GSW, Inc., which manufactured water heaters in its Fergus, Ontario plant under the GSW and John Wood brand names. GSW, Inc. was acquired in 2006 by A.O. Smith.

Product Lines

John Wood electric water heaters come in tall, conventional, and small, Space Saver models. Large conventional models have 50 to 100 gallon capacities, while Space Saver models range from 2.5 gallons to 46 gallon models. All models come with the TankSaver feature, which protects against corrosion.

Gas water heaters come in power vent, direct vent, and atmospheric vent models, among others. Many models are energy efficient and Energy Star qualified, and select models come with the Turbulator feature to reduce corrosion. John Wood tankless units are all Energy Star rated, with an energy efficiency of 0.82 and up.

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Contacting John Wood

John Wood Water Heaters
599 Hill Street West
Fergus, ON N1M 2X1

Phone: 888-599-2837


John Wood gas and electric residential water heaters are covered by an 8-year inner tank and 6-year parts warranty. SpaceSaver models have a 6-year inner tank and 1-year parts warranty. Tankless residential water heaters have a 15-year inner tank and 5-year parts warranty.

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