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Infinion Water Heaters

Updated: Nov 13, 2014
By Gary Sprague
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Infinion water heaters are a discontinued line of tankless heaters powered by both natural gas or propane. Infinion water heaters were manufactured by Akwakai, headquartered in Washington. Akwakai is no longer in business.



Corporate History

Akwakai was established in 2001 by William Kratz. The Infinion line of water heaters was sold through online retailers.  Plumbing supply companies stopped selling the Infinion line around the beginning of 2006. Akwakai is no longer in business.

Product Lines

Infiinion marketed the following models of water heaters: the C13-NG (Natural Gas) and C13-LP (Propane), C13E-NG and C13E-LP, C14-NG and C14-LP, and C14E-NG and C14E-LP. The E-models had a battery spark ignition, powered by a D-cell battery. The other had a pilot light for ignition.

Infinion water heaters measure 28.13 inches in height, 14.94 inches in width and 10.81 inches in depth. The units weigh about 37 pounds. They feature a simple design, with temperature and capacity control knobs.

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Contacting Infinion

Infinion Water Heaters
Address before business closed:
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Phone: 800-247-3619


Infinion water heaters were covered by a five-year warranty on parts and a ten-year warranty on heat exchangers.

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