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Bradford White Water Heating Products

Updated: Sep 6, 2018
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Bradford White produces residential and commercial water heaters and boilers. Bradford White is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia and manufactures products exclusively for wholesale distribution. The company is employee-owned.

Corporate History

Bradford White was created in 1881 as the Pennsylvania Range Boiler Company. In 1959 the company changed its name to The Pennsylvania-Bradford Appliance Corporation and began focusing on its water heater products. Pennsylvania-Bradford merged with White Products in 1968 to form Bradford White Corporation. In 1985, Bradford White invented the industry's first power-vented water heater. In 2001 the company moved its heatquarters to Talamore, a historic landmark in Ambler, PA. Bradford White purchased Laars Heating Systems in 2005.

Product Lines

Bradford White residential and commercial water heaters are available in natural gas, propane, oil, electric, and solar models. Indirect water heaters are also offered, as well as a variety of styles that includes atmospheric vent, power vent, power-direct vent, point of use, storage, and tankless. The Infiniti tankless water heater series is available in high efficiency and medium efficiency models. Bradford White's solar water heater includes open loop models and closed loop gas and electric backup models.

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Contacting Bradford-White

Bradford White Water Heaters
725 Talamore Drive
Ambler, PA 19002

Phone: 800-523-2931


Bradford White's limited warranty covers the tank and component parts. Labor costs are not included. The warranty covers the original buyer and subsequent owners, as long as the water heater is installed at the same location. Warranty specifications vary with each model. 

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