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BRADFORD-WHITE Ultra Low NOx Water Heater

Updated: Nov 12, 2015

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Overview of the Ultra Low NOx

The Bradford White Ultra Low NOx is a gas water heater available in four types: Atmospheric Vent, Power Vent, Power Direct Vent, and Direct Vent. The unit features an ultra-low NOx burner with primary and secondary air distribution device and is maintenance free. A Vitraglas lining and magnesium anode rod help protect the unit from rust and corrosion, and a thick layer of non-CFC foam insulation provides lower standby losses. The water heater comes equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve and a brass drain valve.

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Consumer Reviews of the BRADFORD-WHITE Ultra Low NOx

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Date created: 2015-09-28 Name: K. Parkinson
Location: North Wales, PA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Major problems caused by leak."
I purchased a Bradford White hot water heater because I thought it was one of the best available, since it would be installed on the second floor of my home. After 4 years the water gushed out and emptied into my first floor, causing major damage. Ceilings and walls have to be ripped out so that it can be dried so as not to cause mold to start growing. Fans will be placed in three rooms of my house for several days. This is very expensive. After the wet areas are dried, the technician doing the sheet rock has to replace those areas. After all that the areas have to be painted. I would not recommend Bradford White. Buyer beware.

Date created: 2015-09-09 Name: W Hill
Location: Ventura, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Who cares if it explodes"
4 year old water heater igniter broke. We agreed to the labor charge and warranted part. Upon installing and reviewing the user manual, a large flash of fire came from the burner area. Before we could get close to turn it off, it flashed again. Had we been closer, serious injury/death or major fire could have resulted. Upon contacting customer service and explaining what happened and my desire for a new unit because of explosion, I was met with complacency, lack of care and or concern, and same old same - labor is your responsibility. Plus, I was told a wire screen installed on top of the burner was required by California law for pollution control; it probably melted from heat and fell on the burner, making a hole for gas to accumulate and making for a proper explosion when the burner lit. The unit is now property of the junk yard. God save us from the EPA and state law makers and companies that really do not seem to care.

Date created: 2015-04-18 Name: J. Bell
Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Water heater replacement"
Our water heater failed after 5 years so we called a Bradford White authorized contractor (per the Bradford White website) to replace it. It had a six-year warranty. Their warranty is virtually worthless. We were charged $800 for labor to replace it, which is almost as much as as buying and installing a brand new one.

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Other Ultra Low NOx Reviews

Among the few online reviews of the Ultra Low NOx water heater is one on terrylove.com explaining how the water heater works and how it is good for the environment. There are also a couple of posts stating that the Bradford White Ultra Low NOx is a good unit.

Ultra Low NOx Warranty

The warranty for the Bradford White Ultra Low NOx water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year limited tank warranty
  • 6-year limited warranty on component parts

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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