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Consumer Reviews of Bock water heaters

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Date created: 2018-08-23 Name: Dan
Location: Colorado

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Live at altitude? Beware!"
If you are at altitude, beware!!! You can read the rest of my scathing review or you can simply insist that your propane water heater be adjusted for altitude by having the correct orifice provided. Period. Your propane heater will not work properly if you don't. We are at 7,800 feet and I bought an "ezFIT" propane water heater (the ez 100-199) on the recommendation of my local plumbing supply, who I've worked with for years. I was replacing a 19-year-old propane water heater that finally failed. I asked my supplier if this new water heater would need to be adjusted for altitude and he said he talked to the company and they said no. Great! So then I have it installed by a certified plumber and fire it up. No bueno!!! Reeks of formaldehyde or whatever the hell it is that is created by improper combustion; that burns the hell out of your nostrils, and of course, tons of Carbon Monoxide as well. So, then I call my supplier, who connects me to their supplier, who connects me to the local Bock rep, who tells me they install these at altitude all over the state (Colorado) at high altitudes, with no problems and no adjustments. So, then I finally end up talking to some head honcho named Patrick at Bock and he starts grilling me on my installation and tells me I need to do a "combustion analysis" to find out what's wrong. So I say, "are you sure it doesn't just need a new orifice?" And he says, "well, how do we know that your installation is correct?" So I'm like f***. Now I gotta pay someone to come up here and do this analysis. So I do, and they tell me, "yea, I guess you're not getting enough draft, therefore your fuel air ratio is off." So I figure ok, I guess I could lengthen the flue vent to get more draft. So I do. And yea, it seems like it has better draft, but guess what? Still stinks to high heaven!!! So then I'm back on the phone with Pat/Patrick and he keeps grilling me on my installation instead of just sending me the correct orifice for my altitude. So finally I get this other HVAC guy that I know and he's like, "you gotta change this orifice." So we call Patrick together and Pat tells me it's gonna cost 80 dollars to get a new orifice!!! Bullshit! This is a $5,000 water heater and you can't provide me with a $2 f*****g orifice??? So, we finally find this formula from some god damn Bock engineering manual that sure enough says to reduce the "input" by 4% for every 1,000 feet above 2,000 feet sea level. "What the f***, Patrick!!! Why didn't you tell me that in the first place???" So my HVAC guy has me run to the hardware store to buy a brass brazing rod and we just solder over the old orifice and re-drill it to the correct size and voila!!! Works like a f*****g charm!!! And sure, maybe I didn't have the exact right amount of draft at first, but that god damn orifice was definitely the f*****g problem!!! The whole damn time! I'm pissed!!! Can you tell? Super duper pissed off!!!! I just paid two HVAC contractors to come all the way out here (1 hour drive) just to replace a god damn $2 piece of brass that I could have replaced myself!!! Bullshit!!!!

Date created: 2018-07-03 Name: Steve Pettigrew
Location: Greene, RI

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Really expensive lesson"
After being fanatical about annual anode changes and flushing, I donít understand why a water heater this expensive should only last seven years. I am extremely disappointed based on the cost.
Date created: 2018-02-15 Name: TPR
Location: Putnam County, NY

Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

"Water started pouring out bottom about year after warranty ended"
We were told bock was a good brand by our plumbing service. After only 8 years, suddenly entire bottom of water heater is pouring water out. I see rust coloring, so must have eroded! Same plumbing service installed a 3k water cleaning system, that completely cleans and neutralizes our water before it gets to the Bock water heater. So why rust/rot and water pouring out? I am being told need an entire new tank! This was a bigger tank than we needed (80 gallons) in anticipation of needing more water in the future and to ensure never run out of hot water. This bock heater should have lasted longer than warranty with a high end water cleaner, but instead completely falling apart from bottom. If you look at the rest of tank itself, it looks brand new! Complete rip off. Very disappointed
Date created: 2015-10-09 Location: Attleboro, MA

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"I always have a nice hot shower!!!"
I have owned this water heater for five years and am very happy that we picked it out. We purchased this water heater brand new and had it professionally installed in our home. I have a family of five and we are constantly using hot water for laundry, dishes and showers. I have two showers and a bath tub in my house and both showers can be running at the same time and each person will still have hot water. I have never run out of hot water during a shower and neither have any of my children, I also have the water very hot. I have never had to have any repairs done to this water heater nor have I had any reason to worry. When the time comes for me to replace this water heater I would definitely be comfortable purchasing another Bock water heater for my home.

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