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American Standard Water Heaters

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American Standard makes a variety of water heaters, of all shapes and sizes.

Basic Water Heater

The company's simplest water heaters can hold between 30, 40, or 50 gallons. They come in tall and short shapes.

This water heater has various systems in place to decrease the possibility of an uncontrolled fire. The unit's Piezo igniter can be easily manipulated, and delivers a spark to the correct point. The 'vaporshield' keeps potentially flammable vapors away from the igniter, and an energy cut-off switch prevents the water temperature from getting too high.

Elsewhere, heat is conserved by means of traps that capture excess heat radiated from the water, and which then return it to the system.

The tank is made from heavy steel; the interior is lined with Dura-Glas®, fired at 1600°F. The tank has dielectric (insulating) hot and cold water links which can be easily hooked up to other household systems

The heater cleans itself, using turbulent cold water to wash away sediment. It has a relatively low yield of nitric pollutants. Many of the basic American Standard water heaters have received an Energy Star rating from the government, which suggests that they use energy with relative efficiency.

Larger Water Heaters

Larger heaters range in size from 75 to 100 gallons. These can be purchased with or without some additional features. American Standard water heaters are tested at pressures of up to 300 PSI, and typically operate at around 150 PSI. These are built to handle bursts of heavy usage.

Some of the heaters are dampered to save energy: that is, there is a valve on top of the heater which seals once the water is ready, to increase the heat conserved by the tank. They are also insulated with foam, which the company notes, does not contain chlorofluorocarbons.

These larger tanks have accessible control panels for fine tuning. Available water temperatures go up to 180° F, which is effective for sanitization. They have water connections on the front and the back. The igniter uses a safe and contained direct spark to the burner.

All of the company's water heaters have anode rods in them to decrease the speed with which the interior of the tank corrodes. Larger heaters tend to have more rods.

Electric Water Heaters

All of the above-described models are gas-powered. However, American Standard does manufacture three types of larger electric water heaters. These have capacities of 52, 80, and 119 gallons.

They also include most of the same elements as the gas water heaters. They have additional built-in protection for the electrical system itself.

These water heaters have a hand-sized space to allow homeowners to clean out sediment.


The standard warranty for the American Standard water heater lasts six years. A twelve-year warranty can be purchased. These warranties may be somewhat variable by dealer.

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