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Evaporative Cooler Motors

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An evaporative cooler, also commonly called a swamp cooler, is used in dry, warm climates and functions by filling the air with water vapor. Each cooler requires an appropriate motor to keep it running efficiently.

Types of Motors for Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative cooler motors, like other electric motors, come as split phase motors and capacitor start motors. Split phase motors are ideal when the equipment stops and stars frequently. Capacitor start motors have superior efficiency and starting ability, and therefore, are used in equipment that is considered hard to start. Both motors can be used in air conditioners, blowers and fans.

How to Buy an Evaporative Cooler Motor

When choosing a replacement evaporative cooler motor, consider what you need and use the following features to help make a purchase decision:

  • Motor speed - most motors have 2 speeds
  • Maximum temperatures - motors can withstand temperatures as high as 300 degrees
  • Approval - is the unit electrically UL and mechanically approved for evaporative cooler applications?
  • Durability - choose a rust resistant model
  • Safety - choose features such as automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Horse power
  • Make sure the voltage is right for your purposes.

Who Makes Evaporative Cooler Motors?

AO Smith produces an extensive line of motors in varying sizes.

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