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Combustion Inducer Blower

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A combustion inducer blower is a unit used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment such as furnaces. The inducer blower draws air through the furnace's combustion passageway to promote a more efficient running of the combustion, and to allow thorough heat transfer. An effective combustion inducer blower helps to extend the life of the furnace.

Types of Blowers

Sometimes called a blower inducer or a combustion fan ventor, these parts can be multi-blade and made of plastic which run at 90% efficiency or metallic housing material which runs at 80%. They are also sometimes sold as a kit or a complete assembly with a gasket and motor. Most replacement combustion blowers cost around $200, but some are as low as $98 and others are high as $655.

How to Buy a Combustion Inducer Blower

Things to consider when purchasing an inducer blower:

  • The efficiency of the performance
  • Application across a varied conditions
  • Cost to operate
  • Durability of the blower
  • the energy efficiency rating
  • Suitability for purpose
Installing a combustion inducer blower requires knowledge of electricity and gas; only trained individuals should perform this repair.

Who Makes Combustion Inducer Blowers?

A sample of blower manufacturers include:

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