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Belt Drive Motor

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On furnaces that have a blower, belts function in the same way as they do on a car, transferring the rotation of the motor to the fan.

Types Of Belt Drive Motors

Belt drive motors function largely in the same way, though there are certain parameters that differ from model to model. The device itself looks like a large enclosed canister on its side with a rod sticking out of it. This is the case with virtually every model. However, when purchasing a belt drive motor, the following should be checked:

  • Horsepower: From as little as 1/6 HP to a full 3 HP
  • Electricity Distribution: Split-Phase or Triple Phase. These relate to the starting of the motor. A triple phase is started from direct connection (known as direct-on-line starting) while split-phase motors can be started using a starting circuit.
  • RPMs: 1725 is by far the most common, though some motors can run at variable RPMs, thereby using varying degrees of power.
  • Service Factor: This essentially states the overload capacity at which the motor can run without burning out. A higher service factor means the motor can handle more power without burning out. A 1 HP motor with a 1.25 service factor can operate at 1.25 HP without burning out. Service factors for these motors commonly run from 1.15 to 1.5.

Replacing A Belt Drive Motor

Before doing anything, users should check if the motor being replaced has a capacitor mounted on it. If so, the motor requires a separate type of motor known as a High Starting Torque Motor or Capacitor Start Motor. The actual replacement of the belt drive motor is simple, as it sits on the ground. The existing motor has mounting bolts on it, which will need to be loosened to remove the existing belts--should you decide to keep them. Switch out the motors, reattach the belts and tighten the mounting bolts to fix the tension, and the replacement is complete.

Who Makes Belt Drive Motors?

Belt drive manufacturers include:

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