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Air Pressure Sensor Switch

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Air pressure sensor switches are used as a safety control measure for heating, ventilating and air conditioning units. The switches act as sensors and will safely shut down furnaces if they detect improper drafting of flue gasses or low combustion.

Common Types of Air Pressure Sensor Switches

Depending on the system, one of the following sensor switches may be right for your HVAC appliance.

  • High pressure switches will disable a compressor when the pressure goes above a set point. The compressor will only resume when the pressure falls to an acceptable level.
  • Fan trigger switches will activate a cooling fan to lower pressure when a set point is reached.
  • Low pressure switches will disable the compressor when the pressure falls below a reset point.

How to Buy an Air Pressure Sensor Switch

When choosing an air pressure switch it is important to choose an adjustable range that is ideal for your purpose. Reliability is also important. A product that is able to withstand high shock and vibration conditions is likely to last longer. Lastly, the sensitivity to air pressure is also a factor to consider when making the purchase. Many replacement pressure switches cost around $100, though some can be as high as $400 when they are sold in combination with other parts.

Who Makes Air Pressure Sensor Switches

The following manufacturers offer a selection of air pressure sensor switches.

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