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FurnaceCompare.com is one of the most popular Heating / Cooling sites on the web, with more than 150,000 unique visits per month. As part of our commitment to the HVAC community we will publicize your company name, contact information (including phone number) and a description of the services you provide for free.

Adding your information takes about 3 minutes. After you finish that process, a human will review it (to make sure we don't end up with pages full of spam), and then we'll publish it to the site. Visitors to our site will see a description of your company, and if it meets their needs, they can call you directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this really free?

Yes, we don't charge a penny to list your company - having accurate information about your company is helpful to our readers.

2. Will I receive unsolicited email if I register?

You can opt-in to receive emails from FurnaceCompare. If you choose not to opt-in, we will not email you.

3. May I add my company more than once?

If your company has offices in multiple towns, and homeowners should call different phone numbers for each office, than you can list each office separately.

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We only list a few HVAC companies in each city. If other companies fill those spots before you do, you're out of luck.

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