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"No Help From Customer Service Dept."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought my first pellet stove in September 2013 and it heated my whole 1000 sq.ft house here in Fairbanks, Alaska, beautifully. I loved it. In January of 2018, the starter switch in the hopper broke. At the time, the closest repairman was 400 miles away in Anchorage, AK. So, I went to Lowes and purchased a second stove exactly the same as the first one. The second stove has never worked correctly. The entire stove gets so hot, it literally burns your hand when you touch it, even the door on the top for the hopper. We have done everything the "Customer Service Dept" has recommended in the 10+ emails: moved the control plate in the feeder, reset all of the factory set controls (by their direction), turned it down to the lowest settings, etc. We finally have a repairman for pellet stoves in our area. He looked it all over, followed all of the directions in my emails from Englander's customer service dept., turned it on, and burned his hand when he touched it! He has also corresponded with Englander, and, someone different answers to each email telling us the same thing the former person did. They are not bothering to read from the beginning of the email threads. This pellet stove is dangerous, is a fire hazard, and I cannot use it. My repairman told me that after the lack of communication and lack of help we have received from Englander, he cannot recommend them. I would love to talk with a service rep but no one answers the phone no matter what time you call during their work hours. This has been so frustrating to have a $1400 new pellet stove in my home and not be able to use it especially with the temperatures hitting -20 every night.

Deborah Criswell


"Too expensive"

3.0 rating

I presently own 2 Englander pellet stoves and have used 4 over the past 30 years. However, I do not intend to use them again because they are getting too expensive to operate. The bags of pellets have more than doubled in my area. The stoves work ok at this time, but the cost of the stoves, parts for the stoves, and the prices of wood pellets have gone too high. Your company has to work on getting prices down, including the pellet fuel suppliers. For me, I will use other heat sources until these items improve.

M. Chism

Ripley, WV


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After struggling through two mild winters with little use, the stove continues to not light or dump large amounts of pellets in the burn pot, then smoke out the house. This stove is very poor quality and after having a Whitfield for over 20 years, I wish I had rebuilt my old stove. It actually heated my home. The Dumbstove keeps shutting down, will never maintain a flame and I have burned through 3 burn pots and clean after each fire. Very poor quality and would not recommend to anyone. Please spend the money and purchase a good quality stove.

Max McCowan



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Has never worked to my satisfaction. Call every year about this piece of junk. Wait on the phone for 45 minutes and more. No help. End up using more portable electric heaters. So frustrating. They didn't keep track of my calls, so no warranty. Won't purchase another Englander-made stove again.


Lacey, WA

"Great pellet stove"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I bought a 1995 Englander pdv Pellet stove new. It originally had a non digital panel on the side with twist knobs for heat and blowers. After 10 years I bought a rebuild kit including a digital panel. There was nothing wrong with the stove but felt it was time to update it. Their tech support was great when I had a question and the installation of all new parts except the augers went smoothly. The augers themselves rarely need replaced. Note, I am not what you would call a mechanic. Twelve years later and it still runs like new. I live in pa and use it daily for almost six months a year. Although not necessary I clean it everyday with a vacuum because it is so easy to clean. Buy quality pellets and you can expect extremely cheap heat. Fantastic stove.

John Reichwein

New Cumberland, PA

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