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Pleasant Hearth PH35PSL Pellet Stove

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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

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Overview of the PH35PSL

Pleasant Hearth is manufactured by Hearth and Home Technologies and owned by GHP Group. The company produces three stoves; a large pellet stove, a medium pellet stove, and a cabinet pellet stove. The PH35PS is the medium pellet stove and also the least expensive. The unit has the capacity to heat up to 1,750 square feet. It measures 24" x 21.75" x 30". The PH35PS comes with a 40-pound hopper.

The stove comes with Exclusive Comfort Control System, which is a one-knob control for setting the heat. Pleasant claims the system will work to automatically maintain the heat level. It also comes with Exclusive Integrated Diagnostics, which the company claims makes troubleshooting easy. There is a ceramic glass viewing area of the fire. It is mobile home approved with the outside air kit, which comes included with the stove. It runs on premium fuel pellets. The stove is manufactured in the United States.

The stove retails for $1,349 on the GHP Group site.

Environmental Impact

The Pleasant Hearth PH35PS Pellet Stove is EPA certified under the New Source Performance Standard and is approved for Phases I and II. It was tested to operate at 78% efficiency. Most EPA certified pellet stoves fall in the 70 - 83% efficiency range, so the Pleasant Hearth PH35PS Pellet Stove is toward the upper end.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Problem: the unit will not light

Possible causes: There are a number of possible causes, ranging from a lack of fuel to an issue with the igniter or firepot.

What to do: Feed the hopper if there is no fuel. You can also clean the firepot and make sure it is facing the correct direction. You may need a technician to reconnect the feed motor or replace the igniter.

Problem: fire will not stay lit

Possible causes: There are several possible causes, as the manual notes it could be due to a dirty firepot, an issue with the exhaust path or venting, or an issue with the exhaust probe.

What to do: Clean the firepot and check the flue vent for any obstruction. Have a technician inspect the exhaust path, as well as the venting and firebox. This issue may require attention on the right side of the stove, as the technician will need to remove a panel on that side to check the exhaust probe.

Problem: the feed motor will not shut off

Causes: The motor has short-circuited and a fuse may need to be replaced. This causes the feed motor to stay on when the stove is powered.

What to do: Opening the hopper will stop the feed motor. Have a technician inspect the unit to determine why it short-circuited, then replace the control board and failed part.

Consumer Reviews of the Pleasant Hearth PH35PSL

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Date created: 2016-12-03 Name: CO
Location: Chicago, IL

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"PH35PSL Review"
I have owned this unit for 3 years. The unit is very easy to use, as long as you remember to leave the door cracked a bit until the body heats up enough to draw air and don't mind using a pail and shovel (or a vacuum) to scoop the ashes out; the ash pan doesn't work well at all. A single knob adjustment lets you control the temperature set point. The built-in blower moves heat around the room pretty decently, and the hopper only has to be refilled once a day. You may need to refill it during the day when temperatures are low but, as long as the weather is mild, this stove provides up to six or eight hours of low-maintenance heat and reignites easily once it's been off. I love the big, glass front that lets you watch the fire burning; an air wash helps keep the glass clean for good viewing. I have never had to replace or repair the unit. I would definitely purchase this brand again.

Date created: 2016-11-07 Name: CJD
Location: Charlottesville, VA

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Pleasant Hearth PH35PSL"
After owning this stove for the past two heating seasons I can say that I am really impressed by it's output. I really like not having to cut, split, and season wood anymore for heating my home. It has been trouble free during the time that I have owned it and I would encourage you to consider this brand if you are in the market for a good pellet stove.

Date created: 2016-11-01 Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"awesome and reliable"
I really love the pellet stove. It keeps us warm. Is efficient. Although it was expensive, it is easy to work with. Found that it is reliable and honest. Also, we loved the color of the stove and the fact that it didn't get too hot on the outside so that it would burn the animals inside the house. I haven't needed to repair it. This unit is less than a year old.. I think maybe a couple of months that we have had it.

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Other PH35PSL Reviews

The pellet stove rates fine to above average on retail websites. Some of the positive remarks include good heating for its size, the unit ships in great condition and is easy to install, and people seem to like the size and weight. People also say it is easy to clean.

On the negative side, there seems to be an issue with the auger feeding - or not feeding, and some complaints about customer service. We called to gather some information for this article and they were not helpful with a simple question.

Positives on independent review sites also to point to good heating, as well as efficiency. It also notes a burn time in excess of 40 hours. A negative, one pointed out, is that it doesn't have the same power as competing units.

PH35PSL Warranty

The Pleasant Hearth PH35PS Pellet Stove comes with a 5-year warranty through parent company GHP Group. It is exclusive to the original owner, and cannot be transferred. If the owner needs to claim something under warranty, they should contact GHP Group customer service. GHP says not to attempt to service the equipment yourself. It is important to read the warranty, as there are a number of conditions, as well as actions that can void the warranty.

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