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Consumer Reviews of Breckwell Hearth pellet stoves

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Date created: 2016-11-20 Name: jt
Location: Alburgh, VT

Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Review of Breckwell Pellet stove"
I have a Breckwell P23FS pedestal pellet stove. I purchased it used in 2012, my best guess is that this is a 2006ish model (I also own a Breckwell P23SFL that I purchased new in 2008, these two stoves are quite similar, although the P23FS easily outperforms the slightly newer P23FSL). The P23FS is a beast. Its hopper holds roughly 60lbs of pellets and it heats a large portion of my 1900 sf home. I have a very closed floor plan, this is why I added the second stove. The P23SF has a huge ash pan, which is nice as it requires emptying very infrequently. There are five main heat settings and a couple of custom settings. I have mastered the settings menu, knowing which setting is required based on the outside temperature, and how long a full hopper will last at each setting. Although the leads are available to wire a thermostat, I prefer choosing a fixed setting to using a thermostat (it also saves on the igniter using this method). The only thing I do not like about this stove is cleaning the heat exchangers. There are two rows of them and the rows are staggered, making it difficult to fit your hand or any kind of tool up inside to clean around them. Other than gaskets, I have only ever had to replace the high limit thermodisc and the convection blower (the failure of the blower led to the thermodisc failure). I purchased the parts on ebay and changed them myself within an hour or so. I would certainly recommend this particular model to a friend. It certainly gets the job done for me.

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