Laars Heating Systems Corp.

A former unit of international conglomerate Teledyne Inc. (NYSE: TDY), heating products company Teledyne Laars now exists as Laars Heating Systems Co., a unit of Bradford White Corp. Laars Heating makes water heaters, control devices and hydronic boilers.

Laars Heating’s History

Originally part of Teledyne Inc., a series of sales and spinoffs took Teledyne Laars out of the Teledyne family altogether. Teledyne Inc. became wrapped into Allegheny Teledyne Inc., a combination of the former Teledyne Inc. and Allegheny Ludlum Corp. Allegheny Teledyne then spun off the Water Pik segment in 1999 as Water Pik Technologies Inc. Teledyne Laars was part of that segment and had been since Water Pik’s inception in 1948. Following the Water Pik deal, however, Teledyne Laars changed its name to Laars Heating Systems Co. In June 2005, Water Pik sold Laars to Bradford White Corp. for $24.3 million.

Product Lines

Laars Heating serves both residential and commercial heating businesses. Laars serves the hydronic boiler, radiant floor heating, volume water heating and industrial process markets. Residential products include water heaters with central and/or rear flue setups, single or double-wall setups and pump-mounted setups, among others. Hydronic boilers and combination heaters also fill the residential line, which is marketed under the Endurance, Mascot, and MiniTherm brands. The Endurance line is up to 85 percent efficient, the Mascot line is up to 96 percent efficient, and the MiniTherm is up to 84 percent efficient. Both the Endurance and Mascot lines can be purchased as stand-alone boilers or as combination boilers/water heaters. Commercial products include similar heaters just on larger scales, as well as modulating, sequencing or staging controls. Pool heaters are also available, as are standard, custom or chilled-water storage tanks.

Laars Heating’s Warranty

Outside of boilers, most Laars products and parts–such as pool heaters–are covered from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of installation. If any parts are found to be defective, Laars will provide replacement of such defective parts.

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