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ProTech is the aftermarket parts brand created by HVAC company Rheem Manufacturing Co. when the company regenerated its aftermarket product segment in 2001. The parts are sold through Rheem's ProStock wholesale stores with the mission, Rheem says, of providing industry contractors and professionals across all brands with a network of reliable and convenient one-stop parts and supply destinations. The ProStock stores and the ProTech brand are both managed by the Replacement Parts Group of Rheem's Air Conditioning unit.

ProTech's History

The ProTech brand name was introduced in April 2001, when Rheem Manufacturing Co. revamped its aftermarket parts segment, developing a new wholesale store--knows as ProStock--that would feature parts branded at ProTech. The ProTech line replaced Rheem's former Universal Parts line, which was regarded as too generic, and in so doing ditched the old black-and-white color scheme for a new 12-color-coded organization that stressed possessing the right inventory, effectively merchandising the products and aiding contractors in making their selections through itemization, such as red for gas and oil heating, light blue for thermostats and alarms, and purple for refrigerant piping. An amalgamation of Professional and Technical, ProTech-branded parts are compatible with all Rheem equipment, as well as those from Rheem's Ruud and WeatherKing divisions.

Product Lines

The ProTech brand name includes 12 easily identifiable categories: tools and instruments; motors, thermostats and alarms, gas and oil heating; indoor air quality, air movement, electrical, refrigerant piping, supplies and hardware, controls, plumbing, and oils and chemicals.

ProTech's Warranty

All ProTech-branded parts come with a one-year warranty. However, all Rheem/Ruud units have a base five-year warranty. If a part fails during the warranty period, the replacement will be covered for the balance of the warranty.

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