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Omega Engineering

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Omega Engineering is predominantly known for two things: its line of thermocouples that were the company's initial product more than 45 years ago and a broad array of technical handbooks for engineers. However, Omega now makes more than 100,000 products for the measurement and controls segment of the HVAC industry. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Omega has about 480 employees and posts annual sales of about $42 million.

Omega's History

Formed in 1962, Omega originally produced a single line of thermocouples. Through the years, the company has expanded to become an international operation with sites in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company also includes Newport Electronics, which has units in Germany, France, Holland and the Czech Republic, as well as branches throughout the United States, including Omegadyne in Ohio and Omega Vanzetti in Boston, through which Omega has expanded its product line to more than 100,000 items.

Product Lines

Among Omega's products are a vast array of thermocouples, including magnetic, PFA-coated and insulated- or fine-gage models. Other products include sensors and transducers, load cells and dial gauges, heating cable systems and cable heaters, and ultrasonic or Doppler-data collection products. Handbook categories include temperature, automation, electric heaters, pressure, strain and force, data acquisition, flow and level, and pH and conductivity. Product categories include test and measurement, product monitoring, lab equipment, process control, automation, environmental, and wireless transmitters and receivers.

Omega's Warranty

All Omega products come with a one-year warranty. However, Omega also offers a Loaner Program through which the company provides a replacement product, at no cost, when the original product is being serviced.

Omega Engineering Inc.
P.O. Box 4047
One Omega Dr.
Stamford, CT 06907-0047
(800) 622-2378 (customer service)
(800) 848-4286 (corporate)
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