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Johnson Controls

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Milwakuee-based Johnson Controls Inc. was founded more than 120 years ago, and today has more than 140,000 employees through more than 1,300 facilities worldwide. While the company's primary focus is automotive parts, such as batteries and seating components, the company also has a substantial "Building Efficiency" unit dedicated to integrated HVAC systems, refrigeration components, and development of energy sustainability plans for facilities. The company, which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JCI, drew nearly $34.7 billion in revenue in 2008.

Corporate History

Johnson's beginnings trace back to 1883, when Warren S. Johnson received a patent for the first electric room thermostat. A group of investors in Milwaukee would back Johnson's formation of the Johnson Electric Service Co. in 1885 to make and install automatic building temperature regulation systems. The company would assume the Johnson Controls name in 1974, and in the mid-1980s would begin involvement in the automotive seating and plastics industry, meshing with its prior entry into the lead-acid car battery product segment, of which it is now the largest manufacturer in North America.

Product Lines

Johnson Controls' HVAC products include actuators, dampers, valves, sensors, thermostats, heating products, variable speed drives, and personal heating and cooling tools. Other products include air- and water-cooled chillers, central air-handling equipment and condensing units as well as a variety of variable air volume, or VAV, systems. Parts and systems are sold under the Johnson Controls, YORK and UPG brand names.

Johnson Controls owns Fraser-Johnston, which manufacturers central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps.


Johnson Controls Inc.
5757 North Green Bay Ave.
P.O. Box 591
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Phone: (414) 524-1200

Johnson Controls Warranty

Because of the array of products made by Johnson Controls, warranties can vary greatly. For example, actuators have either a five- or a three-year warranty from the date of sale, depending on the model. Dampers have a three-year warranty, and air compressors carry a two-year warranty from the date of startup.

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