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York Affinity Heat Pump Overview

Reaching up to 18 SEER, the Affinity Series is York’s top-tier heat pump product line. This series consists of two units, the Affinity YZH, which offers 18 SEER/10 HSPF, and the YZF, which offers 16 SEER/9 HSPF. Units are available in 2- to 5-ton models, all of which meet Energy Star standards for efficiency.

While only the 18 SEER model has a two-stage scroll compressor, both units feature York’s QuietDrive system, which combines a swept fan, composite base pan and separate compressor space to keep system noise at a minimum. Units also are equipped with a “demand defrost” coil designed to reduce the defrost cycle on the outdoor coil.

The heat pumps are finished in a powder-coated paint and have sealed electrical contractors and a rigid base pan for increased durability. Optional accessories, such as a programmable thermostat, also are available for this unit.

There are also several discontinued sub-series of heat pumps within the Affinity series, including the Affinity 8T, with an efficiency of up to 18 SEER and 9.4 HSPF; Affinity YZB, which offered an efficiency of 13 SEER and 8.6 HSPF; and Affinity YZE, with an efficiency of up to 15 SEER and 9.8 HSPF.

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York Affinity Heat Pump Reviews

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"York is Living HELL."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a York Affinity in March 2007. Problems started two months later in May 2007. Ever since, Ive had service on the unit at the rate of 6 to 8 times a year. 4 lbs freon was added at the rate of $ 50.00 a lb twice a year. (Spending 600.00 a year on Freon and labor alone) Motherboard replaced twice. Now, blue coils replaced (free because of the recall that I just found out about) It would have been nice if York had contacted us about the recall. Compressor quit three days ago. Today, I'm having the compressor replaced. While the compressor is still on warranty…the labor today was $995.00. I paid 5800.00 in 2007 and have spent so much money on fixing it for three years. Very upset! If you are considering a York unit……DON'T Buy one!!!!

C. R.

"YORK AFFINITY18 seer heat pump"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had a York model yzh03611b heat pump installed in Sept. of 2008. The first time it got cold out, it would freeze up and quit working. Two years later and over 20 service calls later and electric bills over 500 dollars, it still freezes up. York is horrible to deal with. No one will answer the phone. When they do, you get the usual corp. run around. What a nightmare!

Larry Milly

"York affinity"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had a York for 21 years. Worked fine then I decided to upgrade to a new Affinity (major) mistake. I have now had it for 4 years and the technician who installed it can`t get it to work. He has tried and not charged me but it still constantly shuts down and I am now into it for an extra 3000 in electric back up bills. It has been a nightmare. Up three+ times a night trying to reset it to keep the power bill down. I have to take it out in the spring and cut my costs and be able to leave my house with out worrying everything will freeze up.

C. Morrison


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My HVAC contractor recommended The York Affinity line with great enthusiasm. In the 4 years I've owned it, I have rebuilt the exterior unit completely and then some: 2 fan motors, compressor & a circuit board. I talked to York and they acted like they were doing me a favor by honoring their parts warranty. I have paid over $1500.00 in labor on a practically new unit. The first fan motor went out in 6 months! I'm just stunned they stay in business. I guess they pay a lot to advertise because no one will buy a York twice.

Alan Potts

Other Affinity Reviews

In general, homeowners and contractors across the web are very pleased with the York Affinity Series. As a top-tier heat pump, reviews sites highlight the special features of this unit, including the isolated compressor compartment for quiet operation, defrost board, unique powder-coat finish for a long-lasting appearance. Solid warranty coverage also is mentioned as a benefit of this unit.

Contractors on consumer forums such as hvac-talk.com also recommend this unit to shoppers, saying it is well-built and will provide longer-lasting performance than less expensive units. However, some professionals note that the unit's complexity may lead to difficult or bad installations.

York Affinity Model Numbers

The Affinity is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
B3HP060A25* 13 / 7.7 0

Affinity Warranty

York provides a 10-year parts and compressor warranty for the Affinity Series. If paired with a matched York system, this model will receive a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor. The unit must be registered online within 90 days of installation or the warranty automatically decreased to a 5-year term for parts only.

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